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Who is eligible to donate Liver

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Our liver plays a most important role in digesting food, producing important proteins and hormones, filtering toxins from the blood stream; basically it helps us to live a healthier life.


Liver has the most incredible ability that none of any body part has, it has the ability to heal itself when it is injured by the contact of any bacteria,harmful toxins or viruses, but only to a certain extent, if the liver is too much damaged then the auto repair may not be possible.

When the damage takes place to a certain amount then there is nothing a doctor can do to reverse the damage which is already done. They can just try to stop the damage from spreading it to more and more part of the liver.Doctor will suggest for liver transplant for an individual whose liver cannot be treated without surgical intervention. In these cases there has to be availability of a living donor who meets all the requirements.
The healthy organs come from people, who volunteer to donate their liver to the required people.
A part of an individual liver is transferred from one person to another, which will let both of them to live a normal life. In-spite of this fantastic technology, there is always less number of organs available as compared to the required number of organs.

This is the reason why most of the patients die, because they do not get the donor on time or the requirements are not fulfilled. Because of this most of the hospitals share their resources by only executing transplants for the patients who have a chance to survive. Priority is always given to those individual who are in risk of dying if they do not undertake liver transplantation.

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