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Our Promise

ZEALTH will always help people from all across the world with the best quality and affordable medical treatments. Our patient care team is dedicated 24/7 for you, who will ensure that you get an excellent experience with the finest quality of treatment.

Our Vision

To be the number one choice for all the people globally who are searching for high quality and affordable medical treatment in India.

Our Mission

To provide the best quality, low cost and safe healthcare treatments by doctors using modern technology and this is achieved by providing transparent information regarding all the healthcare services.

ZealthDoc safe hands

What kind of medical services does ZeathDoc provide?

ZealthDoc provides many health care services like Cancer Treatment, Cardiac Science, Orthopedics, Liver Transplantation, Kidney Transplantation, Spine Surgeries and IVF. We are working with India’s premium hospitals with the most excellent doctors and world class equipments which helps us to provide you with matchless medical care.
The hospitals and the clinics in our vast network are amongst the most innovative medical travel amenities in the country. We have medical programs designed to meet the expectations of international patients.
ZealthDoc works with the foremost doctors and hospitals in India to provide premium facilities and services to international patients.
India is the most preferred international medical healthcare destination for patients who are looking for world-class treatments with inexpensive pricing. ZealthDoc is one of the most outstanding care providers in India and provides all areas of treatments and surgeries.
The Medical Treatment process provided by ZealthDoc includes getting diagnostic tests done, scheduling all appointments, handling the discharge process, arranging your stay until the time of recovery, and continuing with follow-up consultations as needed. All these things are very difficult for a foreign patient to handle, and the reasons could be anything; lack of knowledge of Indian Languages, different rules and regulations in India, hospital rules and other procedures. ZealthDoc makes all these things easier by providing hassle-free arrangements for you during your medical treatment in India.
A health care provider like ZealthDoc is generally your best-suited contact to coordinate with the doctors. There are some diseases which often require a range of facilities and coordinated care between doctors from different specialties as required. Supporting the family of the patient with the disease is a part of the health care provider’s job. A good health care provider must know about sources of help that includes support groups, medical services, current medical information and public health.

List of surgeries which are performed in India by our hospitals are –

Cardiac Science


Healthcare treatments in India were recently discovered, the infrastructure in India was not that up-to-date and most of the Hospitals were expanding and/or under renovation. But things have changed drastically in the recent years, ZealthDoc not only offers you world-class treatments but also makes all the services available at a much reduced cost to the patient.
Above all, marketing people will always push suggestions for their own hospitals, specialties and doctors which may not be the most advantageous source for your needs. This is the biggest problem of all. And in some cases, doctors may change hospitals, leaving patients confused about whom to contact or where to go. This becomes even more difficult for a foreign patient to identify the best combination of doctor and hospital in their given budget. That is where ZealthDoc steps in. Our founders have been in this Industry for the last 25 years. We know and we understand the challenges that you feel on regular basis. Our teams have a good understanding of healthcare operations and are very well involved with the day-to-day activities at the hospitals across the country.

why ZealthDoc
ZealthDoc infrastructure

In India, healthcare is one the largest sectors in terms of employment and revenue. The healthcare sector includes hospitals, medical equipments, telemedicine centres, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing and health insurance.
The Healthcare sector is growing at a fast speed due to its services, increasing expenditure, and strengthening coverage by private as well as public companies. ZealthDoc is partnered with Hospitals in India who have the greatest infrastructure with the latest equipments and treatment methods. This is because we always want to make sure our patients get the most desirable service and care.
The Indian Healthcare system is distributed into two major elements private and public. The government, or the public healthcare system consists of limited secondary and tertiary care institutions in major cities and emphasis on giving health care amenities in the form of primary health care centres in rural regions. The private region delivers a majority of secondary, tertiary and quaternary care institutions with a major awareness in metros tier I and tier II cities.
The most important thing with the ZealthDoc team, is that we are always up to date. You do not have to chase after any doctor because of their movement to another hospital, as we will always be there to provide you with all the necessary information. Our ZealthDoc team always keeps an eye on all the doctors as well as on the hospitals to track their updates and then apply the same on our own team.
Our Specialties includes – Liver Transplant, Kidney Transplant, Heart Surgeries, Neuro Surgeries (Spine), Brain Surgery, IVF (Infertility Treatments), Cancer Surgery and many more.
ZealthDoc deals with the finest doctors in India from various specialties such as Cardiac Science, Orthopaedics, Cancer, Liver, Kidney, Spine, IVF etc. We work with India's leading doctors and hospitals which ensures us that we are able to deliver the best of services with highest success rate all across India. Every hospital has different treatment and different pricing for each treatment and as a Healthcare provider, we are working with the top-class hospitals in India allowing us to provide you with the choicest packages of the highest quality and affordability.