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Liver » Liver Transplant

What Are the Chances That You Have Cirrhosis?


Cirrhosis is a chronic condition that often doesn’t bring many symptoms along. It begins when a significant number of liver cells turn into scar tissue. It leads to end-stage liver diseases. It wrecks the efficiency of the liver, obstructing vital functions like blood filtering and toxin removal....

Cancer » Bladder Cancer

Treating Bladder Cancer with Surgery


Bladder Cancer is the ninth dominant cause of cancer in our world. An irritated bladder(to the point where cell growth pans out of control) could be the result of many things including smoking, inflammation, long-term exposure to harmful chemicals, or a prior radiation or chemo treatment. ...

IVF » In vitro fertilization

How to Go about Egg Donation


WHO reports on infertility rates all over the world indicate how the numbers haven’t changed much in the past twenty years. On a rough estimate, 12 percent of this globe’s adult population suffers from the inability to reproduce....