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11 Books Every Person up against Infertility Should Read

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A 2010 research by WHO revealed an estimated 48.5 million couples who were unable to have a child.


Creating a new life, as wondrous as it sounds, requires preparation on many fronts. And when the time comes where a couple has the means and the mindset to begin extending their family, only to be informed that they can not have a child for any number of reasons, it indeed seems like a cruel prank life played on them for fun.

Infertility Treatments Are Stressful

Knowing that you aren’t alone in a fight against infertility does nothing to soothe the pain of never being able to call a child yours. Infertility treatments have made extreme progress in the past decade. However, they also take a toll on the emotional health of the participating couple, something that people don't factor in as much as they should.

Financial stress, side effects from medication, mental turmoil about your situation- these are common triggers that could cause anxiety, strain the relationship between you and your partner, or depress you.

If you have the option to talk to someone about the experience of infertility treatment, you must. However, reading up and enhancing your knowledge quotient on the matter also helps immensely. It lets you see things that you wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

Here are 11 books you can try to calm down and make sense of things.

Toni Weschler’s acclaimed book on women’s health, medical advice, and treatment regarding various issues surrounding infertility give you an insight into the scenario. It also offers pointers on controlling the treatment and enhancing your shots at conception.

Three physicians with reproductive health specialisations talk about the psychological trauma of infertility in this book. Unsung Lullabies takes couples on a journey where they learn the significance of the other’s support, grieving, communication, and honesty in navigating the tough times.

A couple deals with infertility together. People mostly understand the agony of women but the same might not always apply to men. This book talks about male infertility. It uses amusing and humorous statements to state the necessary.

It also attempts to answer the ever bewildering debate of boxer vs. briefs and doubts like whether or not you need to fill the plastic cup to the brim with your sample.

Personal journeys are always a powerful way to understand and find solace in situations. In this book, many men and women share their journeys with infertility. Their struggles, triumphs, failures, and subsequent happenings provide comfort and wisdom on a more personal, relatable level.

This book is a Christian Medical Association’s project. It uses biblical references and requests people to turn to their faiths while grieving on when in doubt. It also answers the ethical dilemmas about Christian rules versus high-tech infertility treatments.

Infertility treatments don’t always get fairytale endings. With Ever Upward, Justine Brooks Froelker has talked about triumphing failed attempts at artificial conception by redefining happiness. It may act as a source of comfort for people who are less likely to conceive.

This one talks about the eggs, their quality, their impact on pregnancy, miscarriages, and inability to conceive. It contains the latest research on fertility treatments and egg health.

Dr Alice Domar wrote this book to help couples understand the psychology behind never being able to conceive so that they can live with it. It helps women understand the cycle of mental stress and fertility and break any patterns that might be affecting their ability to bear a child.

This book is also a good source when you are trying to cope with or avoid sliding into the infertility-induced depression or anxiety.

Matthew Cordell illustrates this story about an elephant family trying to expand their family. The story travels around the problems the couple faces and how they come up with ways to either solve it or move past it.

This heartwarming story works for both parents and babies.

Julia Indichova shares her journey of discovering the complications in her way to getting pregnant, dealing with infertility, and how she braved the whole episode. It is a good read if you are willing to experience the burden of infertility through someone else’s eyes and relate to or understand the associated challenges.

This book tries to mend the bridge between the medical and personal aspects of infertility treatments. Filled with the science of conceiving and experiences from the people who have lived through infertility, it talks about IVF, genetic screening, uterine disorders, endometriosis, and other treatments.

While this one is informative and approachable at the same time, it isn’t recommended for strict medical usage, rather for learning about infertility in a basic way.

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