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Affordable Healthcare in India- Challenge or Opportunity

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The Indian population reached a billion in 1998. We grew at a rate of 17.7% in the last decade. We are expected to beat China and become the most populous country by 2022. Our healthcare services, however, don’t grow in accordance with our masses.


India is facing the onslaught of ‘dual-disease burden’. Communicable diseases and lifestyle diseases are rising continuously. Indian health infrastructure is near-squashed under the pressure of a growing population, the large number of ageing people, and it's half-baked attempts at socio-economic development and increasing awareness.

Regarding practising doctors per one lakh people, USA has 25.2 times more Cardiologists and 6.9 times more Ophthalmologists than India. And this data has surfaced at a time when the US specialist force is considered meagre. Compared to this scenario, India is super-short on specialist doctors.

The Solution in a Nutshell

There are crores of people who need medical aid but have no access to any. Those who do struggle with the rising costs of healthcare services and suffer from the inefficiencies in the management. The government will need to concentrate on a few crucial factors to curate a solution to this situation.

  • Accessible and reasonably affordable specialists
  • Trustworthy, transparent, certified, and branded medical care providers
  • Convenience of service, affordable transportation cost, uncomplicated logistics, and return on investment for the patient
  • Convenient consultation for specialists accompanied by a solution that makes it easy for the doctors to admit new clients in the limited time without affecting their health and quality of treatment
  • Appropriate and reliable remuneration for specialists

Indian healthcare industry has a plethora of challenges that it must face before it can establish itself as a robust and stable system. Our existing infrastructure needs a lot of improvement to deal with the demand that keeps growing with an increasing population.

Mobile Platforms Are Introducing Huge Changes

You can buy a basic Android smartphone starting from Rs. 2500. Indian mobile services are very cheap, and we already enjoy 3G and 4G spectrums. These factors combined can do wonders for health care consumers and providers.

Telemedicine, as it’s being called, offer non-invasive diagnostic tools that are connected with smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Cloud services will let a patient consult specialists all over the country with minimum hassle and maximum impact.

Eye screening, for example, is now possible via 3nethra, a Forus device that comes cheap. A technician can route the result to ophthalmologists via a mobile network without requiring the patient and the specialist to be in the same vicinity.

Radiologists can offer their services remotely using results of CT scans, ultrasounds, and X-Rays using a network. The technicians can forward all related data to the specialists with zero complications.

Be its cardiac care, dermatology diagnostics, or any other similar procedure, and mobile connection can make it possible for doctors to transmit large data from one station to another quickly. While diagnostic devices are a big deal in the present world, the upcoming years may see diagnostic services as a rising trend.

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