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Can Cell Phones Truly Cook a Man's Sperms?

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Where do you keep your cell phone? “In my pocket” is perhaps your reply. If you are considering parenthood with your partner, you might want to rethink this answer.


But why, you ask. You wonder if it is true that a buzzing mobile phone in your jeans pocket can cause destruction and obliteration of your sperms or their quality.

Let’s throw some light on this matter and talk about what researchers think of the effect of cell phones on male sperm count.

Cell Phones versus Male Fertility- What Do the Scientific Studies Have to Say about This?

Reproductive BioMedicine Online published a peer-reviewed study. It posed a single question- Can the usage of cell phone compromise the quality or quantity of male sperms?

The researchers chose over a hundred men from an infertility clinic. They received permission to study the reproductive records of these guys. They asked questions about where the participants kept their phones and how much did they use cell phones on a regular basis.

The research group found a few important links and a bunch of behavioural similarities in these men that may hint at an association between cell phone usage and sperm quantity and quality. Many participants reported using their mobile phone for over an hour on a regular basis, using it while charging it, and holding their phones within fifty centimetres of their groin.

If There Is a Link between Sperm Related Infertility and Cell Phones, We Haven't Figured It out Yet

The research presented a few notable facts. However, it did not conclude the study with any blanket statements. It did provide insight on what may be a potential reason behind infertility, or what may be a simple factor contributing to male infertility in some ways.

The research brought three cell phone related behaviours to attention. Out of these three, the distance factor(keeping the phone at less than 50 cm away from the groin at most times) could have some merit to it. Since cell phones heat up and receive as well as generate radio waves, the minimal distance may cause the internal testicle temperature to rise or get affected in any other way.

However, there is no surety about what may or may not be happening in reality because of the cell phones. 

Which Is Why You Must Err on the Side of Caution

We live in a hyper tech era. You deal with environmental toxins, radiofrequency, different sorts of energy and vibrations and many other factors that could have dangerous effects in the long run. Since trying to conceive is your and your partner’s priority at present, it couldn’t hurt to defect to the side of old ways and away from the 21st-century normality for a little while.

Since phones are a necessity in the present time, try to keep the usage to a strict minimum. Don’t sleep with your phone. Don’t use it while it’s charging. Find a new place to hold your phone. And of course, keep an eye out in case science comes up with a verdict on the matter.

In addition to making careful choices about your phone, pay attention to what you are eating. Go organic. Steer away from any eatable with hints of pesticides, or other endocrine disruptors. Stop smoking. Get fit if you either are overweight or obese or are moving towards that mark.

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