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Can You Live with A Half of A Liver- Living Donor Liver Transplantation And How It Works

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A liver disease is the 9th most common cause of death in this country. To top that, liver transplant in India via the cadaver process has an estimated (and often realised) waiting period of 1-3 years. That leaves the patients and doctor with the choice of living donor liver transplantation.


The problem, however, is that asking for a part of somebody’s liver is neither easy nor effortlessly explainable. It can catch people by surprise, and throw them into a frenzy. There are many questions related to the concept of giving a part of a vital organ that manages your survival to somebody else.

Allow me to answer a few of those.

Why Is A Partial Liver Donation Even Needed?

Well, while using the liver of a brain dead patient is advisable, you can see how it might pose as an issue as there aren’t enough cadavers. Over two lakh Indians died of liver diseases in 2014 because they weren’t supplied a donor because there weren’t many to supply.

As opposed to the 15-18 million people of the West, only about a million of Indians register for organ donation after death. It restricts our options when it comes to cadaver liver transplantation.

How Do You Donate A Liver And Live?

First, you need to understand that liver donation is a voluntary plus investigative process. So, after you agree to the process, you’ll still have to fulfil the living donor liver transplant criteria.

This ‘criteria’ I talk about is nothing but a full workup of your health and your psyche. You aren’t going to be placed on an operation table unless the doctors know that you have a real good chance and all needed facilitations to survive the surgery as well as the loss of a section of your liver.

Having said that, you must know that a human liver has the power to regenerate and regain full size and full functional effect, given it is allowed the time to recover. That fact alone should answer all your doubts about whether you’ll be able to live with a half of your liver or not.

When Will the Donor Be Okay After The Surgery

You’ll get discharged from the hospital within five to seven days of the operation, typically. You’ll be encouraged to regain movement as soon as your body can take it, possibly the day after the surgery. A full recovery might take anywhere from three weeks to a little over a month, depending on the post-op care and follow-up and your body.

Living Liver Donor Risks- What And How Dangerous Are the Side Effects

A liver surgery, be it for donating or receiving, is a major one. Said complication might include bleeding, bile leakage, infection, or death, but isn’t limited to these only.

However, whether or not you are in danger is a question of who your recipient’s hospital services are.

What Are the Costs One Incurs As A Donor for Liver Transplant in India

Well, the general rule for living donor liver transplantation is that the recipient’s insurance or sources will cover your surgery and a certain number of visits to the hospital after the surgery. However, basing this advice on different nature of people, you might want to clear this issue up with the recipient before you go in.

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