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CHD in Babies and How to Live with It

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CHD in babies is a grave matter. Congenital heart diseases affect one in every hundred children in the US. In India, different reports put this rate at 3-4, and 8-10, incidents per thousand births.


This data is when there are many babies born outside of hospitals, who were never diagnosed with the condition.

It is an unimaginable peril when you are introduced to your child and a possibly fatal condition at once. As medicine has improved, more cases of CHD in children have taken a turn for the better. And yet, a baby with congenital heart defect never gets entirely better.

It is here that as a parent, you have the responsibility to learn to live with CHD and teach your baby to do the same.

CHD causes quick exhaustion. Unquestionably, if a heart has to pump harder and faster than others to compensate proper blood flow, it is bound to tire its owner quickly. See, this doesn’t allow your child to feed properly.

Poor nutrition hinders growth and activity. Also, not getting enough nutrients inside a human body can have long-term ramifications. Your baby might also start to roll or sit or walk later than others of the same age group because of the particular heart condition.

Of course, as the treatment progresses, so will your baby’s health. However, you need to ensure that your child gets enough nutrients. Ask the doctor for a feeding schedule, nutritional supplements, what to eat and when to supply it.

Becoming physically active is a gradual process for a child with a congenital heart disease. While it strengthens the muscles and the heart, it requires more core functionality to accomplish a physical task too.

You must understand just how much of active time your kid is allowed to spend. What activity is safe, what isn’t advised, and what is downright forbidden should not only be clear to you but also should be mentioned in a note that has to stay on your kid for school and other purposes.

If your baby is on some medicinal drugs, the chances are that it is either to make the heart stronger or to keep the blood pressure in check or to facilitate a smooth beating. Thus, there should never be an ‘I forgot to take my pills’ moment, which might just occur if the child (in his or her teens possibly) misunderstands the severity of his or her condition.

Too much time spent in the hospital, not being able to do everything that other kids do, not having the sense of normality, getting all your attention- these are things that give a child the feeling of isolation.

The emotional health of a kid is fragile, especially when they have to deal with a complex condition from such an early age. You, as a parent, can be of tremendous help in this scenario. You can boost up the kid’s enthusiasm and confidence more than anybody else.

Ask your doctor to get involved, however, in case the situation is beyond your grasp.

Treatment can keep a baby alive and gradually grow him or her into a better health scenario. However, when the infant becomes a teen, the care units change. The parameters change. So, your game plan has to change as well.

Involve the kid into discussions. Make sure that he/she is aware of whatever is going on with their body.

The knowledge of adult healthcare system, the financial stress of treatment, the whole deal is significant because it will allow your child to plan a future around the congenital heart disease. This way, life and health can continue to run without many interferences from the CHD in babies.

And Remember, CHD Awareness Is Your Responsibility As Well

Microscopic effort and money go into the research and operations for congenital heart diseases. CHD in babies isn’t often diagnosed, which scrapes chances of preventable loss. One of its reasons is the lack of appropriate awareness among people.

At ZealthDoc, the attempt is to improve this scale of public information about CHD in babies. Do your bit, for nobody can understand the significance of prior and accurate information than you.

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