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Fertility Treatments- Are You Increasing Your Risk of Infertility

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Mostly, people seek fertility treatments only when they try to have a baby, fail, go to a doctor, and find out about the infertility problem. Often, there are no symptoms.


 But think about it, would you rather know now if there is an issue with your capability to make babies or would you rather be surprised when the time comes?

I believe it is better that you know beforehand. This way, you could be aware of anything wrong that you are doing at present that might affect your fertility in any way.

Infertility Risk Factors

Infertility bothers men just as much as it affects women. It is also not possible to fish out a cause in every such case. However, many reasons can change the capability of a person to help reproduce.

Female infertility treatments often dabble in eggs. You see, women have a certain number of these eggs, and with rising age, this number drops.

It becomes harder for a lady to get pregnant after she reaches her mid-thirties. For a woman in her forties, the probability of having a baby goes down from 90% to 67%. After a woman is 45 or above, she is left with a tiny 15% chance of conceiving. Plus, the complication factor rises abundantly. Men too get affected by reduced capability after forty.

You can deal with this risk only if you know that you want kids. Waiting once you are decided on wanting children is rather counterproductive.

Drinking alcohol affects pregnant ladies and their unborn babies too. It also can cause difficulty when you are trying to get pregnant.

Heavy drinking can decrease a man’s sperm count. It could also lower any chances you have of conceiving.

It is better that you don’t drink while you are in the 'trying' phase.

These are bad for health, no doubt. But smoking marijuana or tobacco or some other equally threatening substance could increase a chance of miscarriage.Also, for a lady who also happens to be a smoker, menopause could come early by two years or so.

Erectile dysfunction is common in men who are legit smokers. It could lead to a sperm count downfall in men too.

It is better if you choose to stay far from smoking and tobacco and such harmful substances, especially if you want to see yourself as a parent in the near future.

For women, being overweight is about more than just the general side effects of obesity. Too much weight can easily cause irregular menstrual periods. This kind of irregularity would cause a woman’s body to skip ovulation.

Even if you are a woman who is underweight, there are consequences. Your reproductive system could experience a complete shut down because of many reasons.

In men, being obese can lead to a lower sperm quality which is a big obstruction when it comes to conceiving.

Exercises and diet maintenance could work. You must focus on maintaining a balanced weight, especially if you have other fertility-determining factors like age working against you.

Pay Attention to Things around You

Fertility treatments cost fortunes at times. Natural fertility treatments might not always work. It is better if you access where you stand regarding the risk factors and then make sure that you make good use of whatever time you have by improving on it.

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