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Five Common Things That Can Mess with Your Liver

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The liver is the largest human internal organ. It performs over five hundred functions. It keeps you from getting poisoned and infected. It assists in other processes like digestion, metabolism, nutrient absorption and storage.


Above all, the point that needs to be noted is that you can’t live without a liver.

Now that we are clear on how much important a liver is for every human let’s talk about the life expectancy of this organ and factors that can cut its lifespan short.

Damage to Your Liver

Your liver has healthy cells and tissues which help it function efficiently. Any injury causes these healthy cells to be replaced by scar tissue. Over time and with a long-term condition affecting your liver, most of the organ’s cells are replaced with scar tissue.

This scar tissue affects the capability of the liver to perform well. If eighty to ninety percent of liver functionality is lost, the organ needs to be replaced.

The liver can regenerate and build itself up from only 25% of healthy tissue. Thus, if caught on time, it is possible to deal with a damaging condition and provide the liver with the proper environment to heal back to full health.

Things That Can Cause Severe Damage to the Liver

Consuming a lot of refined sugar containing food items can cause fat to build up in your liver. It will affect your weight and the overall health of your liver.

Extra pounds will result in a fat buildup in your liver. Excess fat in the liver can cause Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. NAFLD can progress into inflammation of the liver, fibrosis, and ultimately cirrhosis.

Vitamin A can act as a direct toxin if taken in high dosage. Accumulation of vitamin A in the liver cells can lead to activation of the stellate cells, thus causing the liver to enlarge. Excess collagen production will cause scar tissue formation and thus fibrosis. Extensive liver injury follows usually.

However, the toxicity depends on the dosage. Do a thorough check with your doctor before taking any vitamin A supplements.

The human-made or artificial fat you find in baked goods listed at the back as a partially hydrogenated ingredient is trans fat. It is bad for your weight.

Trans fat paired with high fructose corn syrup, a combination you would find in packaged, processed, fast food items, is a leading cause behind Non-Alcoholic Fatty diseases conditions.

Now, you may think you know your alcohol intake, and since it is relatively moderate, you are at no risk of any liver damage, but think again. You might be overdosing on alcohol a little bit per drink.

A standard serving of alcohol is five ounces if you have wine, 12 ounces if it’s beer, and 1.5 ounces if it is liquor. The suggested dosage involve one drink a day for women and two per day for men.

If your glass is too big or your drinks-per-day ratio is not moderate, you might be giving your liver a reason to fall ill.

Liver Damage Can Be Reversed, but There Is a Clock on It, and It's Ticking

Take care of your health. Eat appropriately. Cut down on the things that affect your liver terribly. O find supplements for them that don’t pose a potential danger to one of the most vital organs in your body.

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