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Heart Diseases Are Most Likely to Occur in Younger Ages for Overweight People

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Overweight people could develop heart-related conditions at an early age, says a new study.


Catching a cardiovascular disease at a young age means living with the illness for more longer and thus developing other chronic problems along the way.

Obesity Could Mean Early Onset Cardiovascular Conditions

Obese people tend to live a slightly shorter or an exactly similar lifespan as people with healthy weights do. As per what the research suggests, the chances are that a middle-aged woman who happens to be overweight will get a heart condition 1.8 years earlier than a typical weighting woman of the same age. For an obese middle aged woman, the onset of cardiac issues could start about 4.3 years earlier.

In men, this number varies in nature. Overweight persons might not face any immediate instances of heart diseases. However, obese guys could suffer from a heart ailment 3.1 years before a typically weighing man would. The study includes middle-aged men only.

Obesity Paradox and the Research Observations

The findings of this research show that while ’obesity paradox’ is a valid concept for some, it is possible that the extra years the obese are granted will be filled with illness and chronic heart situations.

Sadiya Khan, the lead researcher who is also employed as an instructor at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, elaborates on the research and the subjects. As per Khan, it isn’t about the length of life a person leads, rather about the time of that life spent with one or the other kind of cardiovascular condition.

If a person (obese or overweight) develops a heart condition at an early age, it stays with them for the rest of their life, and this ultimately affects the quality of living.

Research Observations

The study observed participants from ten other research projects. About 73,000 middle aged people took part in the observational study, and the average age of the lot was 55. At the point where people enrolled in this study, there were no recorded cardiovascular problems with any of the participants.

The average BMI (body-mass index) was 27.1 for the women and 27.4 for the men who participated in the study. By standards of BMI, a value over 25 is considered overweight while one over 30 is considered obese.

During the follow-up years, out of the 73,000 subjects, 13,450 suffered from some heart condition, like a stroke, heart failure, or a cardiovascular diagnosis.

The researchers concluded the study with the observation that overweight and obese adults were at a higher risk of developing heart-related problems at an early point in life.

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