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How Can Sunscreen Turn Your Summer Into the Perfect Season

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With the sun determined to unleash its powers of light and warmth over Earth, the best part about summer is the plethora of activities you can enjoy. Every outdoor event is a ton of fun wrapped in lots of jumping, running, and basking in the sun.


However, sunbathing can get just as nasty as it is gratifying. If your skin is directly exposed to the sun for a few hours straight, it could cause the skin to age prematurely. Longer exposure to direct UV rays can damage the DNA of the skin cells and make you vulnerable to skin cancer. A sunburn at any point in life can prove dangerous to the skin and could cause potentially fatal skin cancer at a later point in life.

Skin cancer initiated by sunburn can affect all kinds of skin pigment. Keeping safe from excess sunlight exposure is the most affordable and efficient method of preventing cellular damage in the skin. A sunscreen is a perfect weapon for this situation. However, you must be aware of the ultimate ways in which you can extract the best kind of protection from the sunscreen.

Choose a Sunscreen Carefully

Dermatologists often recommend using a sunscreen with the SPF value (sun protection factor) of 30 or greater. Broad-spectrum sunscreens provide safety against UVB and UVA rays, thus protecting your skin from superficial (caused by UVB) and extensive damage(caused by UVA.)

An ideal sunscreen has an adequate amount of physical and chemical blockers. Physical blockers don’t let your skin absorb any sunlight. Chemical blockers prevent the damaging rays from penetrating deep inside your skin. Zinc oxide & titanium dioxide and oxybenzone & avobenzone are respective examples of physical and chemical blockers.

Choose a lotion over spray as it is easier to apply with fewer chances of missing a spot. While the brand isn’t very significant in this case, you must be extra careful when buying a sunscreen for a baby.

User Hacks for Sunscreen

Apply the sunscreen cream over your body, ears, and lips as well. You can buy an SPF lip balm or use the cream. Since the aim is protection from UV rays, apply sunscreen on overcast days as well as when you are driving. Sun’s rays can pass through clouds and glass windows.

Be a consistent sunscreen user. Include it in your morning routine. Apply at regular intervals during the days, especially if you are sweating or are in the water. Don’t rely on water-resistant sunscreens.

Sunscreen alone is never a good enough defence. Plan your ‘under the sun’ day with a piece of full clothing and in the hours after or before the heat is at its peak.

Can Sunscreen Damage Your Body?

A common misconception with sunscreen is that it’s got zinc, titanium, and other chemicals that may seep into the skin, mix with the bloodstream and make you sick. The American Academy of Dermatology has pointed out a lack of evidence behind the claims mentioned above.

On the other hand, not wearing sunscreen on a sunny day has consequences that go farther than merely wrinkled skin.

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