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Human Liver- How It Looks, What It Does And How to Keep Away from Liver Problems

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The human liver is an incredible organ. It is multi-talented. It can multi-task. It asks for very little in return and does its duty of keeping your body functionally fit with painful precision.


Liver problems, of course, are capable enough to kill you. So, allow me to tell you what this two-lobed, snugly fit organ is all about and how it holds power over your life.

First, About the Looks

A liver is the largest internal organ. It is also the most metabolically complex organ of the human body. It is reddish brown in color. It is located in the right upper quadrant of the human abdominal cavity. It can weigh about 1.4 to 1.6 kilograms, roughly the size of a football. 

The liver is covered on three of its sides by other organs. The diaphragm is right above it and the gallbladder is right below. The stomach lies on the left of the liver.

A lobule is a functional unit of the liver and is made up of hepatic cells- millions of them. These cells perform the basic metabolic functions and make up the liver.

Now, the Functions

The liver is responsible for taking care of more than five hundred functions. It is sometimes referred to as the chemical factory of the human body because it regulates and manufactures various chemicals that enter your bloodstream.

Every drop of blood that leaves the stomach and the intestine has to go through the liver. A thorough filtering process occurs in the liver and all the elements in the blood that could be labeled as dangerous for the body or are not worthy of being let inside the blood vein network is discarded by the liver.

The nutrients are broken down so that the body can use them easily and then are released into the bloodstream. Other than this, the liver also deals with several other issues.

  1. It fights off infections.
  2. It secretes bile which helps in emulsifying fats. It also gets rid of bile after it has served its purpose.
  3. It manufactures proteins, lipoproteins and takes care of your cholesterol.
  4. It metabolizes the drugs so that your body feels the minimum possible inconvenience because of such harmful entities.
  5. It stores sugar in glycogen form and supplies it to your body organs and elements at the time of need, after it converts the glycogen into glucose, thus maintaining your blood sugar level.
  6. It helps your blood to clot.

Liver Problems That You Should Look Out for

There are many liver issues that you should be on a lookout for. Because mostly, if not prevented on time, these diseases can lead to severe states, even death.

Hepatitis infection, cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer, ascites, cholangitis, and hemochromatosis are a few names among many that can cause your liver trouble, directly or indirectly. Excessive alcohol use, obesity, bad eating habits, bad living habits- these are a few of many life choices that you can modify, if you can’t avoid them entirely, to avoid many liver problems.

Remember, liver problems can be prevented. But once you enter the non-reversible zone where there are more damaged cells than what your liver can repair, curing you becomes tough, at times even impossible.

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