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If You Have an Autistic Kid, Try These Must-Invest Options

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Being the parent of a child with autism demands you to be alert at all times. Autistic children have unique preferences, and it is always a golden chance when you discover a toy, YouTube video, or game that your kid adores and loves.


Now, there is no use in generalizing the choices and wants of autistic children. However, it couldn’t possibly hurt to take a look at the following options for investments. You might just end up with a few good ideas.

Let it be known that every autism parent faces a time where their little angel refuses any and all forms of edibles. It means a grumpy face with a scrunched nose and a verbal or signalled no to bread, cheerios, even ice cream.

At times like these, McDonald's often comes to the rescue with its chicken nuggets, hamburgers, or something along similar lines.

Children adore McDonald snacks. Why not benefit from it in more than one way? Buy some stocks and make some money while you receive the contentment that your kid got some food in their system.

There will be no seams to bug your child. No wrinkling, no bunching, no ‘it feels weird’ complaints if you’re lucky.

With the number of grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, and cheese sticks you’ll be making, it is best to buy the wheel and get the available bulk discount. Keep buying cheese layers every time you run out of cheese, and you’ll soon be running out of a lot of money that could have been saved.

Think about the advantage of bulk buying for every other edible substance that your child is crazy about.

As in, buy them before your stock dries up. They will rid surfaces of bacteria and germs. But their most crucial role, you must know if you have a kid(s), comes into play when you leave them alone for two minutes, only to return to an antique collection of nasties all around.

There is absolutely nil sense in depending on the networks to show the right cartoon at the right time. You need to get your hands on every ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ episode if it is what your kid likes.

Also, remember that you will be watching the same show. Nothing annoys the mind as much as the reruns of an animated train talking about it’s animated problems. New episodes mean a bit of relief when all you have been doing is watching the same show every day.

The paperwork appears to be endless. Your rights, IEP agreements, your records, Special Education Law documents, case works, medical reports, history of education, treatments and such other official and legal certificates and forms need proper filing and protection.

You may have binders full of resource material. You might consider yourself an expert on dealing with the law when it comes to the rights or your autistic kid. However, it is always useful to hire a real expert, an advocate, who has experience in dealing with similar cases.

Consider the alternative of not having one, and you’ll find that a hundred dollar an hour for an advocate is indeed a profitable investment.

A missing eye of a stuffed bear, a missing wheel from the Lightning McQueen car toy- anything could go wrong with your child’s favourite toy. Having a backup can help diminish the chances of a rough day if the real thing gets messed up.

For a child with special needs, it is a huge deal to lose the one toy they love so much. For you, it will be less stressful if there is always a replacement nearby.

Keep a few stashed around the house, maybe in the car and the diaper bags too. And always know which retailer is selling the product. Order it when needed.

If you didn’t skip point number nine, then you are now aware of the significance of having backups. It, however, applies to clothes too. Children don’t just grow out of clothes; they also grow attached to them. If your little one has a shirt or hat that they attach immense value to, or will not go without, it is always better to buy them in different sizes and to buy more than a single piece.

Have wifi at home. Have 4G connection on your network. The Internet is your ally. Never let your link break.

It could be a game, a learning app, or something along those lines. If you use it regularly, or your child does and loves it too, get the paid version. It will remove the ads, and thus the interruptions. And when the kid doesn’t get interrupted, so do you.

You will be carrying wipes, a phone or tab or both, binder(s), toys, chargers, more than one change of clothes, headphones, snacks, fruits, your wallet, the kid’s schedule, pens, socks, etc.

With so much to carry around at all times, a big bag with many compartments and of high quality is undoubtedly a smart investment.

Read up on the correct dosage, the method of feeding, the appropriate time of the day for intake, and it’s effectiveness on various sleeping issues. Once done, apply with caution for a slightly less unsteady sleep.

When the kid sleeps, if they sleep, it is the top shelf priority to eliminate anything that might rouse them. White noise generators help by drowning out any distracting or upsetting noise.

When it comes to sleep, morning is never far enough. Thick, black blinds will keep the sun away from glancing into your kid’s bedrooms, letting them sleep through restfully for a few more hours.

A regular day has many obvious intrusions. These headphones will keep your child busy at whatever they are doing, leaving little room for distractions.

Trust it when you hear it- an impromptu battery need can come up just about anytime. You need a drawer full of these power supplements for toys, remotes, headphones, etc.

  1. Buy Yourself Some Pretty Slip-On Shoes

You have your hands tied up in one or the other chore for most parts of the day. Strike off the added stress of bending and tying laces or putting in the straps or zipping up the boots.

Buy some slip-on shoes and save yourself from a bit of the hassle.

If you insist for an explanation to this point, there is only one thing left to say- wine is a restorer of your patience and common sense. Of course, be smart about it. No chugging or emptying of a bottle a day. Drink with responsibility.

If anyone on the surface of the earth ever deserved a mass discount on every brand possible, it must have been a parent. You get the idea behind a store membership now, let’s hope.

Let's Talk Return on Investment

Your Child stays occupied/happy/content/well-fed/not irritable/well-rested/less distracted. As a parent, that ought to make you feel better, and thus be deemed as a brilliant return on your investments.

If it doesn’t however, there is always the wine. Cheers!

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