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In Vitro Pregnancy- What, Why, Risks And Rates

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A baby is a wonder. And trying and failing to make one, despite popular belief, shouldn’t keep you from witnessing this miracle of life. Cue and enter- in vitro fertilization. IVF is an assisted reproductive technology and has contributed to making more than four million babies via artificial means


However, several confusions regarding this method prevail in the people. Infertility treatments in India are not always directly answered by IVF treatment. There are risks and sometimes, in vitro fertilization process isn’t even needed. So, let’s clear some of these contradictions, shall we?

What Is IVF?

The egg and the sperm are acquired and kept in a lab dish. For the next two to five days, the sperm is allowed to fertilize the egg. The procedure occurs in strictly monitored temperatures, atmosphere, and infection controlling factors.

The most promising appearing fertilized eggs are placed in the uterus of the woman. This embryo might end in pregnancy.

Who Needs IVF?

It is a 'must-ask-question' to know the eligibility before you go for this procedure. Now, there are situations where IVF is applicable, and there are ones where it isn’t. In case you or your partner have any of these conditions, then IVF treatment can be your deal.

  • A fallopian tube or uterus issue
  • Ovulation issues
  • Antibody issues that pose a danger to eggs or sperms
  • Endometriosis
  • Inability of sperms to survive in the female body
  • Low sperm count

For many reasons, in vitro fertilization isn’t the first choice of treatment. The situation has to be extreme, and almost all other methods have to have failed before a doctor might suggest IVF. Along with other reasons, the high cost of this procedure is a primary determiner of this.

What are the Side Effects with This Procedure?

After artificially placing the embryo inside the uterus, the female carrying the baby has to take fertility medications. These can side effect as headaches, hot flashes, mood swings, bloating, or abdominal pain.

If the frequency of urination decreases or the carrier (you or your partner) feels faint or short of breath or nauseated, a trip to your doctor is very much suggested.

How Risky Is In Vitro Pregnancy?

The risks with IVF go from mild to heavy duty. There are both health and non-health issues.

Egg retrieval is risky. There could be bleeding or an infection. Embryo placement can cause multiple pregnancies. It could end up in premature births- not healthy always. If the procedure goes wrong, heavy vaginal bleeding or pelvic pain can cause the body to go weak.

In the non-health issues, money is a major factor. IVF is expensive. And it is mostly not covered by insurances. Psychological stress is normal. The commitment isn’t just regarding financial state, but also concerning physical and emotional states of both the participants of this process.

The Success Rate Determinants

IVF is an intricate process. Many things could go wrong. Therefore, to ensure the maximum possibility of success, it is important to focus on all aspects of this business.

  • Choose a clinic very carefully.
  • Learn everything you can about the process. Your body is involved here and so is the life of your future child.
  • Participate actively. Know everything that is happening to you, and know why it is happening.
  • Keep an eye out for even the slightest of deviations from the usual route. Get regular ultrasound and blood test follow-ups.

IVF Treatment Is A Hope- Remember That

It can happen the first time you try or the fourth time. And yes, there are risks. But also, there are measures to avoid those risks. And anyhow, the case with in vitro pregnancy is just that some chances are worth taking.

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