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Introducing Coffee Enema- the Colon Cleanse Which Might Be Harmful

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A coffee enema, as the name suggests, uses a mixture of caffeinated & brewed coffee and water. The combination is inserted into the rectum. It is supposed to clean the rectum, the large intestines, and anything in between.


A coffee enema is a part of alternative medicine. Its origin story links to German physicists, who may have been attempting to find a cure for cancer. However, the Gerson therapy gave this procedure a proper ground.

How Coffee Enema Came into Being

Max Gerson, a German-American Doctor, believed that body detox is possible by using organic plant-based diets, coffee enemas, or raw juices. He also maintained that the body could heal itself if it's given the right kind of nutrients. His methods came into being as the Gerson therapy.

The Benefits That a Coffee Enema Might Provide

With this procedure, the benefits have always been a matter of controversy and debate. The most advertised advantages of a coffee enema include relieving constipation, boosting immunity, and increasing energy.

One of the most immediate coffee enema benefits is related to having multiple bowel movements, as they help rid the colon of unnecessary elements.

Many supporters also list other additional benefits of this procedure. It may boost immunity, increase energy, treat cancer, and depression, clean the digestive tract of any parasites, yeast overgrowth and autoimmune diseases. A coffee enema might also remove heavy metals from the human body.

However, Research States Otherwise

There isn’t enough scientific evidence that could prove the exactitude of coffee enema’s benefits, or disprove them. The evidence that we have is a couple of anecdotes.

If medical professionals are believed, the human body can take care of the toxins, waste, and bacteria using its inbuilt filtering system (the kidney organisation) and thus, there is no need for an enema of any kind.

The theory that suggests the need to clean the colon waste, claiming that it is toxic, is called autointoxication. An article which was published in 2014 in The Journal of Lancaster General Hospital talked about how there isn't sufficient substantiation to back up the theory of intoxication, thus jeopardising its credibility.

When Does Someone Need a Coffee Enema?

There are no official medical restrictions on who should and shouldn’t choose to have a coffee enema performed on them. By definition, this procedure can help the liver, stimulate it to commence a cleaning cycle.

It can also be used in place of stimulant laxative if a person needs to empty their bowel for a medical examination, a video capsule endoscopy for example. Despite the claims surrounding the side-effect-less advantages of cleaning the colon with a coffee enema, further study is required before the medical professionals could start suggesting this procedure as a routine.

The Risk Associated with Coffee Enema

Medical literature produces three deaths so far as one of the most dangerous impacts of coffee enema as per the National Cancer Institute. Probable reasons behind these fatalities could be electrolyte imbalance and bacterial infection.

Other possible side effects include rectal burns, vomiting, nausea, cramping, dehydration, bowel perforation, bloating, heart palpitations, and infections from unsterilized equipment.

If the body is sensitive to caffeine or is on a regular dosage of medicine that might not interact well with caffeine, the coffee enema shouldn’t be tried. A Korean woman’s case also suggests that this procedure may lead to proctocolitis, i.e. inflammation of the rectum and colon.

Coffee Enema Is a Matter of Personal Preference

This procedure can be performed at home, or in a clinic. However, there are no guidelines regarding the same. Also, medical professionals do not suggest opting for this procedure.

Since it is tough to find statistically proven information about the coffee enema, the medical advice usually falls against it, making it an option that any person can go with or deny.

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