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Kidney transplant Post-operative care

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Kidney transplant is a very typical surgery done by using a general anesthesia which leads the patient to fall asleep for three to four hours which is an estimated time for this surgery to complete, if the case is not complicated.


Mostly in some cases our kidney starts working immediately by generating urine when the blood begins to flow properly. Though in some cases it can take a few days or possibly weeks for the kidney to start all the functions properly.
The patient who has just gone through this surgery will have to take proper medications and precautions for the rest of their life this is done to avoid the body from declining the new kidney. In very few cases in spite of the fact that the patient has followed all the medication, precaution and treatment, the body can decline the new kidney at that point of time the patient will have to go through with the dialysis process or they can choose to go through the kidney transplant surgery again.
There are some surgeries in which the physician do not allow to do exercise but in kidney transplantsurgery you have to include exercise in your daily routine as a very significant part of your life, this will help you to get back to your normal routine activity and further it will lead to sustain your overall health.
Including regular exercise in your daily routine helps you to hold your blood pressure, weight and cholesterol levels. Exercise helps your body to boost-up your energy level and release tension, which also inspires positive variations in your day to day activity.
Doing exercise on daily bases improves the functions of your lungs and heart. It helps in reducing stress and to maintain the body weight.
But in some cases where a person is experiencing some trouble or has some symptoms of kidney failure, kidney transplantation may not be the best option because kidney transplantation is an extremely dangerous or we can say ineffective in some cases, the reason could be different medical condition or issues with the individual person’s health.

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