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Kidney Transplant Preparation

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An individual requires minimum one kidney to perform all the functions properly and to survive, so if in any case where a person is facing some problem with both the kidneys and there are possibilities of permanent kidney failure then they should go through a kidney transplant.


But as per the survey, as soon as the doctors suggest the patient to go through the kidney transplant and he agrees to it and if they have a living donor then they can proceed with the transplant procedure.
If they are not able to find a living donor then the patient has to put their name on the waiting list for the “Cadaver”. It may take many years to find a correct matchor a donor for the patient.
Out of all surgeries “Kidney Transplant” is the most effective and successful surgery, there is a success rate of up-to 90% where the individual can get back to their normal life.

When the individual is ready to go through kidney transplantation, the first step that doctors take is a full medical checkup that will be done by a team of specialists. The tests that the individual has to go through are x-ray and blood tests to define the type of your blood and the other aspects that
are dignified when trying to find a match that is appropriate for the patient.

There are some cases in which the family members or a friend willingly want to donate one of their own kidney. This person will be assessed to define the condition of their complete health and whether they area good match for the patient or not.

As per the studies there are many cases where the individual cannot find a living donor, in that condition the patient will be positioned on the list of kidney transplant waiting list. This is a list of donors who have approved to donate their organs at the time of their death.

The time an individual has to wait for a kidney depends upon getting the right match, it can take
many years or in some cases people find blood relative to undergo kidney transplant quickly.

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