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Kidney Transplant: Why Does Anybody Need It

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With medical care, understanding the processes is tricky. There is no one-question-one-answer scenario when it comes to something like, say kidney transplant.


Finding what the ailment is and then determining all possible courses of treatment is just the beginning. The patient has to choose from the options and set a path which is often a terribly hard thing to do.

Chronic Kidney Diseases- the Scenario Is Not Different Here

Your kidneys filter a lot of blood every day, about 30 gallons if I am precise. A dysfunctional kidney is somewhat similar to garbage workers’ strike, only in your body. It will leave a buildup of fluids and wastes in your body that could eventually become dangerous.

Now, the problem here is having a condition as potentially fatal as Chronic Kidney Disease. The solutions- transplant or dialysis.

Here is the most common and otherwise wrong assumption among people- dialysis first, transplant when there is absolutely nothing left to do. In reality, it is possible that a doctor will ask you to consider transplant before dialysis.

Why Would a Doctor Select Kidney Transplant Procedure over Dialysis?

Well, the explanation is simple- a kidney transplant life expectancy trumps that of dialysis.

Those who choose dialysis live a tad bit shorter than those who accept a kidney transplant. Survival rates jump from about 15 added years in dialysis to 30-40 years in organ swapping.

Plus, a new organ means so much more. The quality of life improves. You save hours that you would have spent in Dialysis. You can go back to normal life quickly. You can eat what you want with minimal restrictions. Your health improves too. And above all, you don’t feel drained or tired all the time.

Transplant takes a minimal toll on your body, unlike Dialysis.

And yet, People Go for Dialysis. Is That Wrong Then?

Oh no. not at all. It is just supply and demand situation.

You see, the world doesn’t have as many donors (cadaver or live one) than it has those in need of a new kidney. Dialysis is a treatment of need rather than one of choice.

Also, because of the short supply of new organs, kidney transplant considerations is a rather complicated procedure.

If you have a disease that limits your life irrespective of whether you get a new kidney or not, you are not getting it. If you are more likely to die whether or not you get a transplant, like say you have dementia, or are mentally sick, you won’t be getting a new kidney either.

Plus there are many markers to determine a score and whoever has the lowest score, and thus the highest priority gets the organ. The factors involve how sick you are, what age you are, how healthy or not your immunity system is, and such other determinants.

Conclusion- a Transplant Is Much Better Than Dialysis If You Can Get It

There are risks of course, as there always are in a procedure as complex as an organ removal and refitting surgery. Your body could reject the organ. The medicine could have side effects. Surgery could go wrong, or you could fall prey to infection of several kinds and degrees.

But however, in a kidney transplant, recovery takes 3-4 days of hospital time and one to two months of proper rest and diet.

So in a case where Dialysis is your only option, go on with it. But make sure you don’t pass up a transplant chance if you get one.

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