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Let us Answer Your Kidney Dialysis Fears

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Here is a frustrating fact about Internet. When you want to know about ‘Kidney dialysis facts,' you are presented with responses that look like these: dialysis types, kidney transplant effects, kidney dialysis life expectancy, how many people can afford dialysis,


dialysis machine cost, and so on and so forth.

Too broad, right?

Well, allow me to answer some of the many direct dialysis questions that can concern you or already do, in case your body or that of a loved one needs this procedure.

Numero Uno- Does the Need of Dialysis Means Certain Death in near Future?

No, it doesn’t.

You need dialysis because your kidneys are unable to clean your blood on their own. Your renal function probably has dropped to 10% or 15%. Dialysis is used to filter your blood.

All dialysis means is that your kidneys suck at being kidneys. If you are otherwise healthy, have no other grim complications, maintain a proper diet, give your body the care it requires and you don't go picking fights with bears or wolves, you can live a full and healthy life on dialysis.

Do People Die of Dialysis?

People might die during dialysis because of a complication. But they don’t die of dialysis. 

An careless procedure, negligent doctor or nurses, the absence of prompt action in case the patient goes into a seizure- these are the scenarios that might end in death. So, yes, try to choose a clinic that can hold its own.

Is Dialysis Painful?

Well, it is a discomfort when the needle rips into your skin. And there might be a muscle cramp afterward. If your BP drops, you can feel nauseated, and some people experience headaches.

That is about all the physical pain that dialysis can inflict. Should you experience anything else, any other kind of pain or situation, understand that something is wrong. Tell your doctor.

Is It Impossible to Live a Regular Life with Dialysis?

Kris Robinson, the former CEO and executive director of the American Association of Kidney Patients, was born with one kidney. It failed when she was 21. She lived with dialysis for months before she underwent a transplant.

She opted for Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis, handled the procedure by herself. Her reasons- she loved her independence and dialysis wasn’t going to deprive her of it.

So no, it is not impossible to live a regular life with dialysis. A kidney disease is not a disability. It doesn’t restrict you from anything; it just adds a few more things to your to-do list.

Dialysis Takes Away the Patient’s Freedom, Doesn’t It?

Ask yourself ‘how does dialysis work for me?’ the same way you’d ask yourself ‘how do I fit yoga lessons and piano lessons in my weekday work schedules?’

The ‘normal’ you get used to changes every time you decide to do something new, something different. Once it comes to you needing dialysis, it is what it is. But with certain preparations, you can take control of the situation, travel, work, party, and embrace the ‘new normal’.

Prepare for It Instead of Fearing It

Watch kidney dialysis videos. Learn how a dialysis machine works. Read up on dialysis’ side effects.

When you take hold of the reins, you decide the course. It is that simple.

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