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Liver Cirrhosis- What It Means, How It Occurs and Why It Can Kill You

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Liver cirrhosis is a continuous process of degeneration that ends in a liver covered with scar tissues, unable to function properly. And since your liver is majorly responsible for you not dying of poison accumulation in your body, cirrhosis might as well kill you.


What Is Cirrhosis

By definition, cirrhosis is a degenerative disease. When certain factors like excessive alcohol abuse or a particular disease like chronic hepatitis disrupt the normal flow of regeneration and degeneration of liver cells, it leaves a trail of scar tissue.

This scars tissue prevents the liver from doing its job. It blocks the blood flow through the liver, disrupts the normal processing of hormones, nutrients, toxins and drugs, affects the liver secretions and productions.

Now, the human liver can dispose of bad cells and make new ones. But scar tissue is an exception to this. Liver can’t heal it or turn it back into healthy cells. Thus, if left untreated, the entire liver can become a bunch of scar tissues, leading to liver failure and possible death.

What Can Cause Liver Cirrhosis

Many, many things. You see, cirrhosis is all about long term injury. Constant ingestion of any element that abuses the liver will ultimately damage it, which is why, one of the primary liver cirrhosis treatment revolves around taking care of your body, taking a diet check and regaining a balanced health.

  • Unrestrained alcohol usage is one of the most common reasons for a cirrhosis uprise. 20% to 50% of cirrhosis cases are due to alcohol abuse.
  • Drug abuse is equally dangerous. In every set or 10000 people in this world, 13.9 to 24 percent fall prey to drug-induced liver injury.
  • Viral hepatitis B and C infections are major players as well. They result in an inflamed liver, which in turn causes scarring and hence cirrhosis.

Inherited disorders like Wilson’s disease, conditions like hemochromatosis, certain enzyme deficiencies like Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, congenital disabilities like galactosemia, or an absence of or malformed presence in the bile duct are many other reasons that lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

Cirrhosis Might or Might Not End in Death

A dysfunctional liver can cause mayhem in the entire body. These complications can result in death. Now, in most cases, carefully managed processes can prevent these complications from getting severe, which in turn will make the liver last longer, allowing for a liver transplant or recovery.

However, in case that doesn’t happen, these are the complications that can lead to death or can demand immediate liver transplant to keep the patient alive.

  • Variceal bleeding occurs when blood is unable to flow through the liver and hence finds an alternate way like the veins along the stomach and esophagus. When these veins bleed, it can cause hemorrhage.
  • Reduced liver functioning leads to toxins in the body, which can cause hepatic encephalopathy.
  • Liver deals with blood clotting which means excessive bruising and bleeding is another complication in cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Ultimate results can be kidney failure, diabetes or unregulated blood sugar, deoxygenated blood, vulnerability to infections, and premature menopause.

Treatment Is Different for Different Cases

Medication works for viral hepatitis. Inherited diseases have different treatments. Control over diet and alcohol and drug intake works to reduce further damage. However, liver transplantation is the last resort for any patient of extreme liver cirrhosis.


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