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Liver Failure - Facts About Diseases That Cause Your Liver to Break Down

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You know Jarvis- Ironman's go to man? This intelligent machine does everything to make sure Tony Stark aka Ironman gets what he needs. Well, your liver is kind of like Jarvis, without the talking back part, obviously.


The point of this Iron Man reference is that your liver does a lot without your knowledge. It plays a big part in keeping you healthy and functional. And yet, while it has a place in the list of top 5 vital organs, it is not paid much heed to until it starts deteriorating and you feel the need to educate yourself on liver failure in and out.

Now, awareness is key to dealing with enemies that aren’t easily visible. So here it is- facts about liver failure and liver diseases that might save your life someday.

Fatty Liver Disease Is Not As Rare As You might Think

About 9 to 32% of Indian population lives with this disease. Well, roughly. If about five to ten percent of your liver is made up of fat accumulated over time, you got this ailment. And it is a stepped procedure from here on out, conversion of a fatty liver into a slightly damaged and then into a completely damaged one.

Solution- check what you’re eating. Lose weight. Exercise.

Chronic Liver Disease is the 12th leading cause of death in the US

Digestive diseases are the 6th leading cause of death in India. So yes, liver diseases kill and they happen to be real fast at that.

Hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer are the top dogs in the liver failure kingdom. About 70,000 people in the world die of liver diseases that are related to hepatitis C, every year. And most of them have no idea that they are sick. Hepatitis C is not called the silent killer for nothing. 

Without a Liver, You’ll die Within Hours

Your body would have no defense against the toxic substances that your food contains. There would be no metabolization system in place. One after the other, the dominoes will start falling and well, you’ll die within a few hours, possibly within single digits.

Alcohol Isn’t the Only Thing That Can Damage Your Liver

The nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is one of the most common ones in liver diseases. People who don’t drink alcohol or use tiny amounts are the ones who get this disease. And it can get pretty severe.

The trick here is to keep the body healthy. Just getting rid of the drinking habit won’t do much good if you still abuse the liver in other ways.

Your Liver Can Repair Itself- Until It Can’t

Humans have one liver. If it is badly injured, transplants aren’t that easy. The good thing is that liver knows how to heal from a little damage. A few dead cells here, a semi-blocked pipe there- livers can regenerate. In fact, a fully functional liver can grow from a carefully chosen piece of a matching liver inside a human body.

The problem- when there is too much damage or too constant damage, liver falls short of recovery mechanisms. Damage increases and you end up with a situation like fibrosis that leads to liver failure sooner or later.

So That’s That

The liver is an incredible organ. Not just vital, but also fascinating. And of course, knowing more about one of your most crucial organs will only come in handy. So use these wisdom bits wisely and save yourself from facing liver failure.

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