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Liver Transplants - Your one step can change your life

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One of the most important organs in our body is Liver. Liver deals with hormone production, protein synthesis, detoxification, decomposition of red blood cells and glycogen storage. In sort liver is the most important part of our body and you cannot live without it still people ...


do some activities do destroy the liver by taking alcohol, supplements like hydroxycut. Use of these things in excess can destroy the function of your liver and make your body unhealthy.

When your liver stops functioning properly and the ability to eliminate toxins gets significantly decreased. As we all know that liver is the only organ in our body which gets repaired by it but in certain situations where the damage reaches to certain point at that time liver transplantation is the only option for people who are suffering from liver damage.

The first liver transplant which was successful happened in 1967, after this successful treatment of liver transplant the treatment became very common and regular, and now the success rate of liver transplant has increased to 85%, as there’s  a lot of demand of living donor but mostly individual do not get it on time.

There are certain cases in which liver transplant is not at all possible like if an individual have metastatic cancer, septic issues, and drug or alcohol dependency problems these types of issues cannot be treated by liver transplant while HIV positive patient can be treated by liver transplant.

In liver transplant surgery the unhealthy liver is removed from the body of the patient with the liver changed with a healthy liver donor at the same place from which the unhealthy liver was removed. This type of surgery is known as orthotropic transplantation.

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