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More Alcoholics Are Now Qualified for Liver Transplant In INDIA

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End stage liver problem patients which are not responding to typical clinical and medicinal therapy are qualified for liver transplant now. Some of the symptoms of liver disease at end stage are


- Mental confusion getting worse
- Itching which is severe
- Fatigue
- Platelet count being low
- Variceal bleeding
- Edema ascites
- Jaundice

However, since there are very few number of donors available, selection of correct patients becomes very important.

 Alcoholics & liver transplantation

One of the most important organ we have in our body is the liver. It helps our body from breaking down and also helps remove bad toxins from our body. It is also acutely helpless to alcohol. Reason for many lethal liver disease is alcohol. Diseases like hepatitis (liver inflammation) and cirrhosis are caused as a result of alcohol. Almost 70% of patients who have alcohol hepatitis develop cirrhosis (scarring of liver). This is one of the most common cause of death.

 People who refrain from drinking alcohol can easily recover from alcohol hepatitis however going for liver surgery can save their life. Because of this, one of every five cases are credited to alcohol drinkers. People who go for early liver transplant survive a lot longer (especially chronic hepatitis and those who are not responding to medical therapy).

 Patients who have Laennec's cirrhosis, which includes patients diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis might be contemplated for transplant if they are meeting fundamental conditions for moderation, as well as recovery. The current benchmark is:

- No alcohol for at least 6 months
- Regular blood testing.
- Involvement in ongoing unofficial alcohol behavior programs
- Acceptable psychosocial maintenance based on the benchmark set by the psychiatry experts and social services

 Patients who are not meeting the above mentioned criteria’s can be allowed a chance to abide by the requirements and undertake the evaluation again. Additionally, an official response resulting from the related psychiatry professional is compulsory in order to evaluate the probabilities of resuming to alcohol use. To book an appointment with one of the best Liver Transplant Expert of India (Doctor Abhideep Chaudhary), just WhatsApp/Viber +91 9810348287. He has been working since 2005 in the field of Transplant and towards bringing specialist medical advice and the latest in medical advances for treating liver diseases, to those suffering from liver diseases (hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or Liver Cancer). He has been working persistently to give a new lease of life to people with liver cirrhosis or having an acute liver failure. He is ambitious to bring a change in quality of life of his patients and also looking after the ones having liver transplant.

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