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Organ Donation- Questions You Might Ask Yourself If You Are Considering It

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Many people all over the world die because they were on the wait list for an organ they needed and their number never came.


Who is at fault here? No one specific. After all, there aren’t many brain dead cadavers that a country can manage to discover to bridge the supply-demand gap between people who need an organ transplant and the organ they require.

So, when a human (very much alive one) decides to donate part of their organ to someone in need, they don’t just save a life, they also set an example.

However, for a donor, the scenario isn’t always peachy or perfect. There are misconceptions, problems, side-effects from the surgery, potential risks of organ failure, and so much more. If you wish to become a donor, it is better that you know things beforehand so that they don’t come off as shocking.

You Can Donate an Organ if You are above Eighteen

This minimum age limit exists only because a younger kid, a minor, can’t put their signature on a consent form without adult supervision.

Otherwise, the upper limit on age does not exist as long as the donor is healthy and his organs are fully functional.

Organ Donation Requires Many Many Tests

You see, you can’t have something like cancer or HIV and then be allowed to give away one of your diseased organs to another person. It’ll kill them anyway and defeat the purpose of the transplant.

You have to Be Compatible with the Recipient- Or Not

The blood and tissue types are checked for a match between the prospective recipient and the donor.

A match ensures a smoother ride from prepping for surgery to recovering after the transplant. However, incompatible people organs (kidney transplant with an incompatible donor via desensitisation) do happen and function too, albeit they take a lot more attention and work.

Organ Donation Post Death Doesn’t Happen Automatically

If you are keen on the subject, you can register for the same with a local or one of the national research or transplant centres. In case you didn’t prepare for it and died under unexpected circumstances, doctors will ask your family regarding the same before they release your body.

If You Donate a Kidney Today, You Could Need One Twenty or Thirty Years from Now

The chances are slim, but they exist nonetheless.

Apart from organ failure which is the highest level of risk, there are other side effects which aren’t as gory but could cause issues. High BP, infection, injury around operation site are some of the generic risks.

However, if there is a chance that donating an organ will kill you or severely harm you, you won't get the opportunity to give away the organ.

And Remember, It’s Donation- You Do not Get Paid

Also, it is illegal to buy an organ from a human being, for obvious reasons. Since you are the donor, the recipient will cover your surgery charges. You’ll have to take care of your food and transport, though.

So Organ Donation- Yes or No???

Don’t reply in a jiffy. There is no hurry. Until you are ready financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically, you can’t push yourself into a decision this huge.

Take your time, research. Read up. Find out all that you want to and then only, when you have a clear picture in mind of what you are going to do and how it will take form, commit or decline the proposal.

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