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'Saved by the Scan' Is Your New Pal in the Fight With Lung Cancer

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On World Lung Cancer Day 2017, American Lung Association Pushed Its ‘Lung Force’ initiative ahead and encouraged high-risk individuals to participate in the ‘Saved by the Scan’ campaign.


Lung cancer causes 27% of all cancer deaths. It claims the lives of over 400 people each day. Over 9 million US residents are at high risk of developing lung cancer, owing to their smoking habits as well as other risk factors like radon and other harmful gases’ exposure, chemical exposure(silica, asbestos, exhaust fume, etc.), air pollution, genetic markers, etc.

'Saved by the Scan'- Get Your Lungs Screened

The National Lung Cancer Screening Trial held in 2002 that involved over fifty thousand smokers concluded that low dose CT scan (LDCT) could lower the risk of lung cancer deaths by 20% by catching the disease in its developing stages.

‘Saved by the Scan’ is about encouraging people, especially smokers and high-risk individuals to talk with their doctor and go through screening for lung cancer.

This campaign empowers former smokers as well. While quitting smoking helps & the attention of medical teams are mostly centred on current smokers than former ones, former smokers need counselling too to determine the state of their lungs at present.

Although ‘Saved by the Scan’ promotes lung cancer screening for current and former smokers, its procedure is strictly governed by regulations and recommended to a select few. The test eligibility criteria involve age, smoking trend, and time elapsed since quitting, the number of packs smoked a day, etc.

People Need to Be More Aware of Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer is most curable in its early stages. Its five-year survival rate is 18.1 which indicates how notoriously difficult it is to recover from the disease once it’s spread to a great extent. Early screening, and hence early detection, can help treat the disease before it’s too late.

Since the symptoms aren’t evident when the cancer is very young, screening tests like LDCT can make a life-saving difference. However, only 16% lung cancer cases are caught early. Unquestionably, there is an awareness gap at work.

Harold P. Wimmer, the CEO and National President of American Lung Association, called the initiative a compelling opportunity that can help save lives by diagnosing a killer disease at a point where it is treatable with high chances of recovery for the patient. He also expressed his belief in the LDCT scan, calling it a potential tool for saving thousands of people from lung cancer.

Hill Holliday Ad agency designed the campaign. Lance Jensen, CCO of Hill Holliday, called the project an honour and said that the chance to create an ad that saves lives is once-in-a-lifetime. 

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