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Stuck between Trying to Get Pregnant - Tricks to Help Clear the Obstacles to Becoming a Mum

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Getting pregnant is a matter of chance. Some couples don’t even have to try consciously or for long. Others spend years trying and yet get their hopes crushed. In the cases where the reasons behind a couple remaining childless can be explained, fertility treatments save the day most of the time.


However, at times, the reason behind failing to conceive aren’t always so definite.

Often, a couple knows that something isn’t right. But the doctors can’t pin it down. The misery is something known only to a person who is dying to become a parent but is unable to for absolutely no reason available to him or her.

If You Don't Want to Go for a Fertility Treatment Just yet, You Can Try the Less Expensive Techniques

Fertility treatments cost big bucks. And although money is of no value when it is your wish to have a child, it should be noticed that going straight to an IVF expert won’t guarantee anything.

It is crucial for you to be clear on these two things so that you can have a healthy experience while trying for a baby.

Maybe You Are Anticipating an Issue; Maybe You Are Just Looking out for Yourself

Either way, it is crucial that you understand your situation, that you find out if you qualify as a case that requires medical care of any kind.

The low-tech techniques we will talk about in this space could feel generic to you if I start listing them without providing any context or background. So remember- these aren’t cures, rather measures that you can try and which might help remove whatever is blocking your way to pregnancy.

However, if you have gone through more than twelve months (six if you are a woman more than 35 years of age) of unprotected coitus with no results, it is time to see a doctor. Or a natural fertility treatment centre- whatever you prefer.

Try These Suggestions

Eat food that is considered healthy. Increase an intake of vegetable protein, high fibre, high-fat dairies, and fruits. Avoid refined carbohydrates, fast food, trans fat, and refined sugars.

Try to keep your weight in check. A too high or too low Body Mass Index (BMI) affects ovulation or could cause obstruction in the release of essential hormones in your body.

Stress is not your friend. Long and numerous debates on this matter hint at how reduced anxiety and tension levels can positively affect a woman in reproduction.

Time your ovulation. Know your menstrual days inside out. Read up on it, brush your periods’ knowledge and tune your intimacy time to the three to five days surrounding the time when your body is ovulating.

There Is No Harm If You Try These Methods

Best case scenario- you get pregnant. Worst case scenario- there aren’t any unless you are lactose intolerant.

Sure, there is a time frame for these tricks. If they do no good in that period, you will need to see a fertility treatment centre and get a diagnosis. Once you know what is wrong with you and your partner, you can choose a fertility treatment, for men or women, based on the results.

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