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The Curiously Complicated Case of Acute Renal Failure

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There are diseases and injuries. There are organ collapses over time with deterioration and neglect. And then there are acute renal failures that just happen with no warnings, making your kidney drop its weapons and stop working all of a sudden.


Now, with a progressive disease, you get time to adjust, to amend, to understand. But when everything escalates, it can get confusing and in the case of disrupted kidney functions, quite messy.

What Is an Acute Renal Failure?

You might form a better idea if I replace the term with acute kidney injury.

Your kidneys filter your blood and remove the waste in it as well as the extra water your body doesn’t need. They help in balancing minerals, electrolytes, salt and water amounts in your blood. When this general functioning stops suddenly with no prior indications, we call this Acute Renal Failure.

What Are the Renal Failure Symptoms

The whole point of this situation is that your kidney functions will diminish. Your symptoms will reflect the adversity that your body has to go through at such a time.

l  Your feet or legs might swell up.

l  You may lose your appetite.

l  You might generate a little or absolutely no amount of urine.

l  Emotional symptoms can include confusion, anxiety or restlessness.

l  You might feel drowsy.

l  You can experience flank pain, just below the rib cage in the back.

What Causes This

In case there is a barricade that doesn’t allow for free movement of urine out of the kidneys, like a tumor, stone or an injury, this can cause enough harm to end in organ failure.

If the blood supply to the kidneys gets stopped entirely or suffer substantial decrement, this can cause them to fail. If your body is experiencing dehydration, that can cause renal failure.

Treatments for long-term health issues can involve certain medicines which can prove disastrous to the kidneys. Say, you are exposed to long term dosage of antibiotics like streptomycin or gentamicin, pain meds like ibuprofen or ACE inhibitors that are used in blood pressure maintenance, then you are more vulnerable to kidney diseases.

How to Prevent Kidney Failure

Well, precautions are the first bit of advice anybody will choose to bestow upon you. But if we talk about a case where the failure has already occurred, it is better not to do anything yourself and get to a hospital as fast as you can.

A doctor will know what is causing your condition. It sometimes happens that a patient undergoing other treatments like for a heart surgery or a bone marrow transplant, something that is powerful enough to land you in the ICU, experiences renal failure.

Depending on how bad you are and what is causing the situation, a doctor can determine the correct set of actions which might save you from dying or developing something more serious. Also, to keep you alive while your blood filter is under recovery, they might suggest dialysis during the recovery period.

Acute Renal Failure Might Cause Chronic Kidney Diseases

That is a possibility, yes. Either you’ll be perfectly healthy, or you’ll be healthy enough to live a normal life. But there is always the chance that an acute failure will trigger something worse or wreck your kidneys.

You can help your body in the case of an acute kidney injury- just take the medicines, follow the diet rules and take care of yourself. And if you are lucky enough to have never fallen prey to this condition, drink lots of water and take care of your natural filters.

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