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The Incurable Nature of Cancer- Does It Have to End in Death???

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Cancer, liver or otherwise, has this real annoying tendency of killing people. It is a real twister when you think how forty-seven years after we crashed the moon, we still have no concrete cure for cancer.


Often, you might find yourself wondering, as I know I do, how one disease could enjoy this kind of power over human lives.

Despite the breakthroughs and the miracle drug researchers, we always come back to one question- Will we ever find the ultimate cure for cancer?

First, How Much Do You Know about Cancer?

Before we could dissect the causes that have kept us from developing a remedy, it is important for you to know what a cure means when we talk about cancer.

When you say ‘a cure for cancer,’ what you and many others fail to realise is that there is no single antidote because cancer isn’t a single problem. It is more like a generic term that involves more than 100 categories of abnormal cell behaviour.

Each cancer that takes life is somehow different from others, even if they have originated in the same place. The causes of cancer ( not always a faulty DNA situation as many would have you believe) range from viruses to ionising radiations. For cancer, the battlefield is just too high and wide to be able to sweep it all in one go.

So We Do Have Cures for Cancers

Today, over 50% of people who are diagnosed with cancer have the chance of staying alive ten years later. We have journeyed from 80% mortality rate in childhood leukaemia to over 80% success rates for the same disease. Testicular cancer, at one time, caused death in about 95% of its patients. Today, over 95% of people who have testicular cancer survive.

Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, medical help, there is so much our world has that helps in curing cancer. So you see, we have cured cancer, just not all of it and just not every case of it.

And Why Can’t We Cure All of It

Mostly because the major players like liver, lung and breast cancers have extremely unpredictable natures. It's hard to find a pattern to recognise them. You can spot a tumour, kill it, and yet, the cancerous stem cells can hide and come back years or months ago to cause a relapse.

Also, when a cancer cell divides, its DNA gets mutated in some way. It means that each cancer cell is different. And this makes it hard to find out how to kill all of them at once.

Cancer-free Society- Not So Soon

Cancer killed over 7 million people in 2012, liver cancer being the second most common killer among all. On the flipside, genomic medicines, immunotherapies, cancer stem

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