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The Next Jewel in India Crown

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The famous Koh-i-Noor diamond of India, recently in the news, is a pride of India to be sure. But there is a new ‘Crown Jewel’ that has been unearthed in India today, and that is itssupreme medical services provided to the world.


New Delhi’s Medical Tourism volume is exploding, with hundreds of weeklyflights into Indira Gandhi International Airport carrying patients in need of every type of medical treatment imaginable

Especially in its capital, New Delhi, this healthcare industry has become a huge magnet for international patients in need of such treatments as:



Organ transplants


Health Screenings


Reproductive Health and IVF



Cosmetic Surgery

Weight Loss

Pre-Visit Online Consultations

 There are many benefits to the patient, including online consultation prior to a visit, allowing the doctors and healthcare staff to prepare for the patient’s arrival so that there is no waiting.

The city has invested in this new tourism, and those traveling to New Delhi will also experience elegant hotels, luxury shopping, convenient transportation and some of the best-trained staff in many of the finest NHBA certified hospitals with the latest equipment.

Factors contributing to this amazing growth are due to the insurance market, a strong pharmaceutical industry, cheap international travel, and top quality health care … increasingly making India a preferred medical tourist destination.  It is particularly attractive to those who do not carry health insurance in the U.S., or those whose insurance company does not fully cover a certain procedure.

 The making of an English-speaking world-class healthcare destination is complex. There are a variety of factors needed for success, including:

  • Top quality, cutting-edge internationally-certified NABHhospitals and up-to-the-minute diagnostic and surgical equipment.
  • Government and private sector investment in healthcare infrastructure
  • Demonstrable commitment to international accreditation, quality assurance, and transparency of outcomes
  • International patient flow
  • Cost savings on medical procedures
  • Political transparency and social stability
  • Excellent tourism infrastructure
  • Sustained reputation for clinical excellence
  • History of healthcare innovation and achievement
  • Successful adoption of best practices and state-of-the-art medical technology
  • Availability of internationally-trained, experienced medical staff
  • Immediate care with no waiting
  • Large International airport able to handle over 38.753 million passengers in 2016.
  • Capability of hosting about 1.27 million medical tourists from countries around the world.

 Round trip flights to India are currently as low as about $688.00 USD, round trip from the U.S.  And our examination of US costs across a variety of procedures and specialties as a comparison, show that in India you will save 65-90%. That’s significant and given the fact that one can travel, get immediate healthcare and enjoy a vacation, is the reason that New Delhi is the best destination for medical tourism!

For example, a heart bypass procedure costs roughly $140,000+ without any insurance in the US. The same procedure, however, costs only around$7,000. USD or Rs 3 lakh(Medical services only)at one of India’s leading surgicalcenters.  Procedures such as hip and knee replacement, face lift, gastric bypass and others are far more affordable in India, including the cost of travel and accommodation, as compared to the US.


One global ‘Diamond’in India’s healthcare Crown is the team.  A part of this worldwide medical assistance industry, it has welcomed 197guests from Pakistan, Afgan, Bangladesjh . Nigeria, Zimbabe, Kenya, Irag Myanmar, Oman, Turkey, Russia, Australia. and is now prepared to take patients from the United States for the company’s global and very affordable healthcare services. 

The company sets itself forward with personal client services, and that the team is here for each patient.They will ‘walk’ the patient through the entire process, from initial consultation, to advice on gathering documents, including how to apply for an Indian Medical Visa, to the day the patient leaves for home and follow up consultations.Zealth’s Bed & Breakfast is inclusive in its pricing, and additional incredible sight-seeing trips can be arranged with the team while guests are in India.  All of this is obtained at a fraction of the cost of healthcare in the U.S., and some insurance plans may actually cover procedures abroad.

See yourself healthy… see India!

Contact Zealthdoc.comtoday to schedule an appointment. Just fill out the ‘contact us’ form for any health-related question.  * Kindly mention if you would prefer to speak with our Scottsdale, Arizona U.S. based or our New Delhi, India based team member.

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