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The Road from Hepatitis C to Liver Cancer

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Hepatitis C is a kind of liver infection that is caused by a virus. Longer exposure to Hepatitis C without any treatment could inflict severe damage to the liver, causing cirrhosis, or liver cancer. There is a good chance of it leading to liver failure.


Often it is said that by the time Hepatitis C is caught, it has begun causing injury to the liver cells. Surely, if you or one of your loved ones has recently been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, you and they are worried about what it means for the liver.

Allow us to answer the most common among those doubts.

Does a Diagnosis with Hepatitis C Means That You Are Going to Get Liver Cancer?

Many people catch the Hepatitis C virus. About 8.7 million Indians have this virus while in America, this number is over 3 million. And yet, only about 12-32% of Indians with Hepatitis C might get liver cancer. In America, the chance exists for less than 5% people affected with Hepatitis C.

How Can Hep C Infection Turn into Liver Cancer?

Acute Hep C infection doesn’t turn into anything disastrously dangerous. However, Chronic Hep C virus can cause cirrhosis of the liver (scarring in the liver cells) over an extended period.

While cirrhosis develops inside a liver, the healthy cells get replaced with scar tissue. Naturally, the liver tries to heal itself and thus attempts to produce new, healthy cells. If the newly created cells undergo a mutation (which they might if the manufacturing is for high numbers), then liver cancer is a likely scenario.

How Can You Stop Your Hepatitis C from Causing Liver Cirrhosis

For starters, you could quit smoking and drinking. Hepatitis C and alcohol do not match and could speed up the degeneration process of your liver cells. Smoking can cause liver cancer whether you suffer from Hep C or not. It is rather helpful if you keep away from it under all circumstances.

How Is Hep C Diagnosed?

Having Hepatitis C infection will increase the number of liver enzymes in the blood. A blood test could clear this up.

A blood test that confirms a liver biopsy usually follows hep C infection. The objective is to determine how far the damage has extended into the liver so that a prognosis could be prepared. A CT Scan, MRI, or ultrasound are other tests too.

There is a Home Access Hepatitis C Check- a kit that you can use to check for whether you ever had Hep C. if the result is positive you would need to go to a doctor and get tests to determine if the virus is still active in your body.

What Are the Treatments for Hepatitis C Infection?

Antiviral medicines work for some. Combinations of drugs to target specific infections might work in other cases.

Depending on the symptoms, diet and exercise might or might not be altered to ensure recovery. Of course, alcohol, smoking, and illegal drugs will only enhance the problem and hence should be avoided for good.

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