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Understand Why A Congenital Heart Disease Can Be Treated But Not Cured

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Living with a congenital heart disease is difficult, needless to say. If you have ever had someone close go through it or yourself have a CHD, you already know how that feels.


If you haven’t, I’m afraid that you can’t possibly imagine what it’s like when the answer to ‘how’s my baby’ is an uncomfortable silence filled with hesitant whispers.

When a person, an infant, a child, an adult, is diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, if there is one ultimate thing that sticks, it is the realisation that the problem is going to stay. If there was a normal way of everything before, that is going to change.

However, despite everything, the medical advances of the present time have successfully improved a CHD child’s life expectancy. People with congenital heart diseases do live active, productive, full lives.

What Do I Mean by ‘Despite Everything’

Well, I’m trying to convey that a congenital heart disease, pediatric or otherwise, has no cure. And the causes aren’t always known. There is no strict routine of ‘do this’ and ‘don’t do that’ that’ll promise to keep a baby safe from congenital heart conditions.

There are treatments, surgery and catheter procedure for instance. They work for many, and not for others. There is the transplant. There is no scripture, or method, or manner to determine if a procedure will work one hundred percent or not.

They Treat A Congenital Heart Disease in Children or Adults

They treat it because waving a medical wand and curing the whole thing once and for all isn’t possible.

The various manners of treatment that cater to different kinds of CHD situations have evolved over the years. From surgery to transplant, from mild to severe conditions, pediatric congenital heart defects don’t always have to end in death anymore.

In fact, if diagnosed on time and treated, 85% of global CHD patients can live a healthy life. Survival into adulthood is a mere matter of getting diagnosed and finding a treatment that suits you. The defect can be repaired. Of course, constant monitoring, frequent visits with the doctor, and medication become guests who refuse to leave.

Living with a CHD Means Knowing How You Are Different from Others

For your health, ongoing medical care becomes a part of living. It only makes sense that you take the initiative to know (or to tell your child) how you differ, what it is, how it’s being treated, what could happen and what didn’t happen.

Knowledge is essential because a person with a congenital heart disease must accept themselves, must love themselves. Also, because they need to learn to spot symptoms and raise flags.

It Sure Is Scary, But It’s Not Freakish

You see, this condition (CHD) is not an abnormality. It’s simple actually. Your heart is weaker than that of others’ and hence, it wears out easily. You have special needs, and you have a different ‘normal’ than others.

And that is certainly okay.

It’s just that you need to learn the signs your body gives you. Or teach them to your kid from an early age. Keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Understand what antibiotics you needs before certain medical procedures, like a trip to the dentist.

Keep away from circumstances that might allow bacteria to get into your bloodstream. Infections are your arch nemesis, try to thwart their efforts of affecting you. Keep a compiled collection of everything- your diagnosis, procedures, prescriptions, recommendations, insurance.

And We Help Too

With a network that involves a leading child heart care centre of India, ZealthDoc works with you to fight off any pediatric heart defects. We collaborate with the best kind of pediatric cardiologists and hospitals to ensure that you receive an easy, smooth medical care, irrespective of what, where, or who you are.

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