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Understanding the Basics of Breast Cancer

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When a tumour grows in your armpit, chest, or in the area near your breast, it is breast cancer. The nature of this disease is just as same as others in its category- the cells start multiplying and stop dying.


Like most of the other cancers, the early breast cancer stages have available treatments that work. But make no mistake, this cancer too can be fatal. After lung cancer, breast cancer is the second most deadly cancer in women.

Spotting Breast Cancer

Pictures might show you how cancer affected breasts appear. However, looking at a photograph and experiencing the condition are two widely different scenarios.

Breast lumps are fairly common. If a lump refuses to leave after one or two period cycles, it could be a matter of concern. You should go and see a doctor.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

The first symptom that you notice could be a lump that stays during more than one menstrual cycles. Don’t rely on pain to understand that something is wrong. If you see a persisting lump, find a doctor.

Swelling in the region of your armpits and tender breasts are signs too. Any visible changes in the size and contour of the breast should be checked out too. Nipple ulceration, itching, burning, retraction, or rashes could hint to an underlying condition, mostly cancer.

There could be a marble like skin area or a different looking or feeling portion of your body around the breast. Clear, coloured, or bloody discharge from the nipple is equally alarming.

Breast Cancer Types

Two- lobular carcinoma and ductal carcinoma.

Cancer in the lobules is called lobular carcinoma. These are tiny sacs in your breast that make milk. Cancer in the ducts that transport milk to the nipple is called ductal carcinoma.

Different kinds of breast cancers have their speed of developing. Some are very fast. Others might wait for years before showing any noticeable symptoms and be just as bad.

Breast Cancer- Age Range and Who Get It

Over fifty is the general range. However, cases in younger women have been seen too. It happens to be a leading cause of fatality in women in the age group of fifteen to thirty-four.

The average says that one in eight women who would live to celebrate their 90th birthday will have breast cancer.

Men too can have this particular kind of cancer, although the chances are a hundred times less common in them.

Know Your Breasts and Don’t Dismiss Your Doubts

It is your body, and you know how it feels. If you notice something or find a particular property that wasn’t there before, getting it checked is much better than mulling over it alone.

You can have a doctor look at your breasts. You can also choose to perform a self-exam, and your doctor could assist you.

Don’t ever believe the ‘too young to have breast cancer’ excuse. If you feel something is wrong, go through with it until you are convinced about the reality behind your doubts.

Research and Pick a Doctor

Read about the stages and the grades. Understand what treatment is suitable for you and what is available to you. Doctor shop. Choose a team that you are satisfied with, that knows about newer approaches, and can guide you to better treatment possibilities.

And Network with Others Because It Always Helps

Many women battle breast cancer. It isn’t ideal but having a network or reaching out to that network could help you talk about your condition among people who go through just what you have, albeit in varying degrees.

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