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Useful Healing Methods Post Breast Cancer Treatment

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12% of all women in the USA are at the risk of developing invasive breast cancer at some point in their lives. 50% of global breast cancer cases appear in the less developed countries. So does the 58% fatality rate from this cancer.


Undoubtedly, receiving a favourable treatment is no less than a boon. Between different treatment types (Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, re-excision, etc.), recovery time, and follow-up care, the patient can often be found excited or relieved.

However, the fear of remission, of living as a survivor, and of leaving the protective cocoon of medical care can be frightening. Peace of mind, while often desired, is hard to achieve between the follow-up treatments and raging inner turmoil.

Here are a few must-try therapies that can help breast cancer survivors in their quest to acknowledge the fears and move ahead.

Friends and family may sympathise or stand as the patient’s strength pillars, but a support group is exceedingly valuable when the patient wishes to share the fear and the survivor’s guilt.

There may be feelings of sadness, anger, and bitterness. Talking them out with people who have endured a somewhat similar situation helps. Support groups function both online and offline, thus allowing far reach.

Acupuncture is considered a  safe adjunct therapy which relieves certain cancer symptoms and conditions as well as a few side effects. It may help deal with nausea, fatigue, pain, and anxiety post treatment.

Of course, keeping the doctors in the loop about getting acupuncture is important. They may advise against the same for medical reasons.

Yoga lets people establish a link between their breath and movement. It acts as a manner of meditation and slows down brain waves, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Yoga also helps in dealing with depression, anxiety, the acute fear of death, and physical pain. Yoga exercises prod the body to produce endorphins which help by relieving the mood.

The main aim of any massage therapy is to relax the recipient. It may also reduce anxiety, pain, feelings of nausea and fatigue, and help with depression.

Massage therapies also improve sleep quality, help the scar tissue heal quickly, boost alertness, movement, and mental clarity.

Cancer survivors can also use professional massage therapy sessions as an informal setting where they can voice their insecurities and be heard.

This Chinese ‘moving meditation’ incorporates balletic fluid movements with slow, deep breathing. It has been known to improve focus, thought clarity, patience, immune system, balance, energy, and flexibility.

Tai Chi also helps in relieving the survivor of stress, and thus in handling stress-induced pains.

It includes horseback riding and bonding with the animal. Riding lets the patients rebuild their strength, balance, coordination, and muscle and keep them active. It can also reconstruct the patient's’ confidence, self-esteem, and sense of pride.

Gaining a bond with the horse while learning to ride it with increasing perfection allows the survivors to live in the moment, focus on the animal, and be the centre of complete attention.

It also assists in conquering anxiety, depression, and provides other psychological health benefits.

Art invokes the thought and feeling that the patient feels difficulty in expressing otherwise. It doesn’t require the patient to know drawing, sketching, or painting beforehand.

A trained art therapist uses visual art cues to help the patients make sense of their emotions, come to terms with their condition and situation, and move on with their life.

Art therapy instils creativity, confidence, comfort, and self-esteem into the patient.

Writing about cancer, pain, struggles, reactions, emotions, fears, nightmares, symptoms, mood shifts, and random thoughts help in the long run. While it is good for venting out, it also serves as a record which may come in handy during or after treatment.

Other Remedial Treatments

Getting a makeover, shifting to a new place, job, and life, getting tattoos to beautify the scars, music therapy- these are all adjunct therapies that can prove helpful in dealing with the physical and psychological pain Post Breast Cancer Treatment.

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