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What are some of the Important Cautionary Signs of Heart Attack

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Heart attacks are the most feared life-takers in the world. Senior residents are more likely of getting heart attacks that the newer generation.


At old age, the strength and stamina of a body start to deteriorate, and therefore, it makes it hard for a senior person to recuperate from an unexpected heart attack. Heart attacks never happen unpredictably. Our heart always shows us certain cautionary signs hours before the attack. Consequently, it’s of utmost importance that we are aware of these signs/symptoms. Some of these are,

 #1. Exhaustion - Exhaustion or shortness of breath is possibly the most common warning sign of a forthcoming heart attack. You should rest when your body is exhausted. Nevertheless, it is threatening if you are fatigued because of no specific tension.

#2. Indigestion - Indigestion is one of the most ignored signs of a heart attack. The signs can range from mild abdominal pain to acute case of cramping or nausea. As soon as you feel any one of the signs you should start taking precautions.

#3. Flu-like Indications Faintness often leads individuals to think that they have the flu. However, these signs can very well be signs of a heart attack. You should immediately consult a cardiologist

#4. Jawbone Pain endless pain in your lower jaw can actually be an expressive sign of an imminent heart attack. Jaw pain often comes with pain in the chest, neck and shoulders. If moving your lower jaw does not increase the pain, it can be a grave concern that should be immediately looked at.

#5. Extreme Nervousness Getting anxious without any acceptable reason can be a sign that your heart is not working correctly. In fact, it can also mean that your heart muscles are in the process of dying. You should visit an emergency clinic immediately to get this checked up.

These 5 indications are the important cautionary signs of a forthcoming heart attack. If you are sensing any of these indications, please get your health checked up with a cardiology EHR software. If the results are not encouraging, then please start with your procedure asap.

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