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What Pediatric orthopedics does?

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The surgical treatment done to correct the condition of a child, the doctors who perform this activity are the specialized person in this field who improves the condition or the child by many type’s surgical methods.


Diseases like tumors, traumatic injuries and chronic disease are some examples of pediatric condition these diseases are treated by surgical a treatment that uses operative techniques to correct these pediatric condition.

There are different types of pediatric surgeons

Pediatric Otolaryngology (Throat, ear and nose)

Pediatric General surgery

Pediatric ophthalmology (Eye)

Pediatric Urology (Urogenital system)

Pediatric Orthopedic surgery (Bone)

Pediatric neurological surgery (Spinal cord and brain)

Pediatric plastic surgery (Reconstructive and cosmetic)

A new born baby postures great task in surgical treatment since the small construction and undeveloped organ systems cannot cope with disease persuaded stress and the physical loads of a main functioning technique. A newborn baby can still be emerging key physical tasks, or may have different condition.

There are some important key areas of concern in the newborn baby that includes cardiovascular system, thermoregulation, pulmonary function, Kidney function, immature immunity and liver. The pediatric surgeons are trained to treat the complete range of surgical disorder.

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