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What to Do When Someone Asks You for Your Kidney-Part II

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Let's say that a close one has prompted you to donate your kidney to them, what do you do? Do you agree? Do you decline?


There is much to think about when you are thinking about attempting organ donation. You have to be in good health. You have to understand the stakes of living with one kidney all your life. But, there are other things too that require serious consideration.

Are You Financially Secure?

Sure, you are not the sick one and worrying about the bill won’t come in your part of the bargain. But a kidney transplant surgery is a major one. Even though the standard time you will have to spend in a hospital ranges from two to three days, you will need about a month to get back on your feet with a hundred percent recovery factor.

You need to determine whether your job will allow this or not. You also need to make sure that you can afford to spend a certain amount of time recovering without worrying about putting food on the table.

In a typical situation, your screening tests, follow-up care, and any other surgery costs should be covered by the recipient’s insurance or by the receiver themselves. That leaves you with travel expenses (between your home and the hospital) and recovery costs (food, fruits, and stuff.)

How Much Pain Can You Tolerate

Pain after surgery is a very regular thing. And there are medicines to counter it. However, some recoveries are less painful while some are outright horrific.

How much pain meds you require, the dosage, the degrees, the variations, will also affect your recovery stretch.

Recovery, Feeling Uncomfortable, and Lifestyle Changes You’ll Have to Make

The pain isn’t severe. A few days after the surgery could be uneasy. It is possible that you would be asked to restrict your movements.

Catering to the advice of the doctors is critical because it would enhance your chances of staying safe from further complications and infections.

For instance, if you are a hardcore gymming fan, that will take a toll until you are completely fit again.

You’ll Have Scarring

Laparoscopic procedures are minimally invasive. In layman term, it means as less intruding as a surgery can be. But to remove an organ from your body, cuts will need to be made, however small they may be.

It will result in scarring. Before you decide to donate a kidney, you must consider your feelings about changing how you will look in a mirror- something others might not notice but you will.

And You’ll Need a Support System

After a surgery like this, you will require family, friends, or both to recover. They could bring you meals or sit with you and talk, maybe play a board game or take you out on a walk.

A support system is necessary for the recovery of your mental health and the stability of your emotional state.

There Is No Pressure Even after All the Screening Tests Are Over

If you are leaning towards kidney donation but still can’t take a clear decision, you can go to a transplant centre. You can pick a recipient if you don’t already have one. You can ask for some tests to see if the two of you match.

And yet, even after the screening is done and you are accepted, there is no assertion or obligation for you to do this. You can refuse to donate the organ, and the recipient will not be informed of the same.

At a centre, you can talk to a mental counsellor, a former donor, other officials, beneficiaries and staff. Going to a centre for organ transplant gives you a chance to formulate better questions. It leaves little scope for answers that begin with a ‘maybe’ or a ‘we’ll see.’

You get to know if you match the recipient or not. You know how other donors feel and why. You know what you will be facing. Now, all that is left is to fill in the yes or no, and you will know if kidney donation is for you or not.

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