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What to Do When Someone Asks You for Your Kidney- Part I

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Organ donation is an excellent idea. It is the gift of life. Therefore, there is no doubt- donating a kidney is a right thing. However, how right is it for you?


When You Are Asked for or Feel Obliged to Give Away One of Your Organs

It is possible that you stumbled upon this article during your research for you are either curious about kidney donation or are in need of one.

It is also possible that directly or indirectly, you were asked to or hinted around donating one of your kidneys to somebody in need.

The question could have been a direct “Will you please donate a kidney for XYZ.” Or it could have been a subtle “We need a kidney but the decision is yours, and we won’t ask for it unless you volunteer” kind.

Either way, the question hangs in the air, and you need a decision.

Don’t Hurry While Answering

Forget how the question was raised. It is important that you don’t let out an answer immediately. Take your time because you need to think about the matter before you make a commitment.

Donating a part of your body is a very personal thing. So don't feel bad to ask for time to think things through. Also, don’t feel obliged to say yes even if it is a very near and dear who is in need of one.

Evaluate Your Health- Are You Eligible to Donate a Kidney

You must be in good health. You must not have cancer, any kidney disease, diabetes type 2, or some other severe conditions. Plus, you must have the strength and endurance that going through a surgery would require.

Then, you need to make sure that your kidney matches the recipient that you have chosen. There are a blood match and certain other tests, and counselling too before you can donate an organ.

Evaluate Your Relationship with the Probable Recipient

Ask yourself what makes you comfortable- donating your kidney to a relative or giving it away to a stranger.

Get your motive straight. For some people, the fact that another human can get a new life with their help is motivation enough. It doesn't mean that you think the same way. Many people find this motivation when the recipient in need is a child, spouse, partner, parents, or friend.

Consider This- You'll Have to Live with One Kidney for the Rest of Your Life

Once you have recovered completely, you won’t feel the missing organ. One of these is capable of handling your body toxins. However, you will have to take precautions and step carefully in certain cases, something that a person with two kidneys wouldn’t even think about in general.

You will also need to consider the scenario where your only kidney catches something severe, and you need a replacement. Or in a situation where someone close to you requires one, and you don’t have any to spare, think about how that affects your decision at present.

There’s More

You have to think about how financially stable you are. You have to consider your pain endurance, emotional tolerance, patience and support systems that you have or lack.

You have to analyse many aspects before choosing kidney donation. So do not hurry. Take your time.

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