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When You Are A Would-Be-Mommy with a Congenital Heart Disease

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It is beyond painful to think about your newborn, heart defects lacing his or her life force, threatening to take him or her away from you. What’s harder is comprehending a pregnancy where you, the mother, has a congenital heart disease


Remember, It Is Common in the Present World

Stepping into motherhood with the sword of a CHD over your head is a dangerous situation for anybody. Thoughts about your unborn baby & heart defects that might or might not be present in his or her life surround you.

It might soothe your worries to know that slightly below 1% of all newborns has some type of congenital heart defect. 80% of pregnant women with heart diseases are CHD sufferers.

Also, today, more than 90% of the cases of congenital heart disease in babies see a good survival rate till 18 years and above.

A Successful Pregnancy Is Possible for You, But...

The times where a woman with a complex congenital heart condition was told out-front that she wouldn’t ever carry a child are gone. In fact, it has evolved into a ‘You can become pregnant, but…’ situation.

This ‘but’ that I have mentioned twice too quickly is nothing other than a process of closely working with a specialist medical team during pregnancy. Depending on how severe your CHD is, plans have to be laid out to ensure minimum possible damage to your newborn.

The Severity of Your Condition Determines A Lot

Take, for example, Susan (who I just made up) and Angie (also imaginary).

Susan was born with a tiny hole in her heart. She had corrective surgery. She is functional now and can exercise as well. Susan will be fine and healthy and has real good chances of delivering a baby with least amount of complications.

Angie has a big hole in her heart. She also suffers from pulmonary hypertension and activity drains her too soon. Her pregnancy will need minute management and precise planning, and there are slim to none guarantees.

Pregnancy is a tricky process. It is a must that your heart can take this strain and keep you alive at the same time for you and the baby to be okay. Only your condition could determine things at the time.

What Causes Heart Defect in Fetus???

The reality that you were born with a heart defect should be enough answer.

Congenital heart diseases aren’t always on point with a cause. It could be genetic. It could be a pregnancy where something went rogue. It could be a medication gone wrong or a dormant gene that decided to go active.

Pre-Pregnancy Counselling Is Most Advised for You

When you have first hand experienced life with a heart defect in adults, it either makes things easier and makes you more determined to have a healthy pregnancy, or it turns the wheels in an 180 and freaks you out royally.

Pre-pregnancy counselling helps you sort out through everything and understand, in exact terms, how the situation would be if you were ever to consider getting pregnant.

When you know the specifics of the case, the risks that stand for your health and that of the baby, you can decide better how to go about the whole term and afterwards.

So Prepare

For you and your newborn, heart defects is a big issue that can only be handled to some extent by preparation.

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