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When Your Colon Cancer Has Spread to Your Liver

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Cancerous cells might or might not affect other organs of a human anatomy. Your liver has a huge chance of catching secondary or metastatic cancer because the blood from all over your body passes through it.


If your blood carries any malignant cells of cancer, the liver will intercept it. The result- cancer of the liver.

The Discovery of This Kind of a Liver Infection Is Tricky

It’s cancer. It acts in different ways in different people. It is possible that you notice or stumble upon your colon cancer at a point when it has already affected your liver. It is also possible that you were in remission and cancer came back and spread to the liver too.

When Cancer of the Liver Is Secondary, Symptoms Might or Might Not Show Up

It started out as colon cancer. Then it reached your liver, diseasing it. The equation here is different from what it would have been had cancer originated in the hepatocytes aka the liver cells.

The symptoms here will be a combination that suggests an impairing activity in the liver as well as in the colon.

l  Bloody stool

l  Pain in and around the right side of belly

l  Swollen belly

l  Fatigue

l  Weight loss- quick and unexpected

It is also possible that no symptoms show up. Another case could be where the degree of the signs is too weak to notice.

The Diagnosis Process Could Be Long

Once the doctor starts asking questions, the revelations will question the integrity of both your colon and liver. Failure in accurately answering could cause issues. However, the final diagnosis depends on many imaging tests and thus, the chances of a wrong detection of the disease is unlikely to happen.

Let’s say that you were in remission and on the path to a colon cancer free life when the secondary liver cancer occurred. The details of the initial treatment would be of critical value in such a circumstance.

A CT Scan, an MRI, Pet Scan, or Liver Biopsy are the choices of tests here. Depending on your blood work, general condition, and presence or absence of symptoms, any combination of the tests mentioned above could be ordered by the doctors.

The Treatment Will Possibly Be More Colon-Centric Than Liver Centric

Cancer has spread to your liver, sure. However, the cells that make up the disease belong to the colon. The treatment will concentrate on the nature of the colon cells, aiming the surgery, chemotherapy, or target handling on them, rather than on the liver cells.

Rest, Exercise, Minimise Stress

Braving cancer is a struggle that refuses to come to a stop. It is possible that you’ll be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life. Don’t stress about something that's out of your control.

Eat well. Converse with dieticians. Exercise if you are allowed to, or walk simply. Focus on staying as healthy as possible.

Curing cancer, whether in the liver or the colon, is not a sure shot. However, the treatment, it’s possible, could delay any uneventful happenings and keep the body healthier and striving for a longer time.

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