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Why Being Diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease Is a Big Deal

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Why is anything a big deal? Because its consequences are beyond what one can bear. Rain is okay, a flood is not. It’s all a matter of proportions. Fatty liver disease aka stenosis is kind of a similar case.


It is a situation that grows with time and negligence to become a fully grown ailment that holds the power to render your liver entirely useless and can leave you in an utterly helpless state.

Now, in a simple way, here is how things go. You have one liver. It screens anything and everything that you consume so that your blood may stay free of toxins. You have a little amount of fat in your liver and that is quite normal. However, if your body just can’t metabolize the fat inside fast enough, it gets stored in the liver cells. When about five to ten percent of your liver’s total weight is fat, your liver is called fatty.

Here Is the Red Flag

A mild fatty liver can lead to increased toxins in your blood. Excess fat can result in inflammation of the liver. An inflamed liver can’t do the toxin screening properly because it is unable to create new liver cells to replace the damaged ones. And that is just how a liver starts going down the drain - a bit at a time.

This constant scarring and hardening of the liver can cause cirrhosis, and it might just result in liver failure. At such a point, a transplant is the only ultimate way to save the patient.

You Need to Be on a Lookout for Fatty Liver Symptoms

Back pain, headache, body ache- these are symptoms that a disease developing inside your body might result in, signs that you or a doctor can read. Fatty Liver is not at all concerned with leaving any easily detectable signs. It leaves nothing- no symptoms, no signs.

Many people end up knowing about their fatty acid situation via a blood test that was intended to find some other disease or as a routine checkup. Many suffer from this ailment without knowing about it for very long.

Now, The Solution

So, we have established that fatty liver disease is a horrible terrible thing that you need to take care of. Here is how you can do that.

The human liver is a smart organ. It knows how to repair itself. All it requires is a bit of your assistance. A fatty liver is reversible. It can get back to being the non-threatening kind if you take certain precautions.

  • Steer clear of alcohol. Reform your eating habits.
  • Put a leash on that ever-rising cholesterol.
  • Lose some weight.
  • Keep that blood sugar in check.

So, yes. This is basically ‘eat healthy, burn calories’ kind of a remedy.

Take the Reins of Your Health-Wagon in Your Hands

The various complications are the real issue in fatty liver disease. Diet, sugar and calorie check, physical activeness are just a few of the several steps that you will have to take to keep your liver up and running.

Liver transplants are always an option in case you are beyond the point of reversing the damage.


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