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Why Is Liver Your Most Underappreciated Organ

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Think about it. You worry about your heart, but in all honesty, you’ve never really done much for your liver except for abusing it every day with your lifestyle choices and unhealthy habits.


You are bound to fall prey to liver diseases with all this ignoring and avoiding that you’ve got going on.

Let Me Begin With What Your Liver Does for You

A human liver, the largest internal organ, performs about five hundred functions. It neutralizes toxins, controls your blood sugar, manufactures proteins, and hormones. It makes sure your blood clots, fights off infections, assimilates salt from your diet, stores vitamin A, B1, E, D, and iron as well.

You see, the list is too long and too elaborate. The point is that your liver keeps you up and running. It’s like the firewall around your system. If it crashes, you’ll be vulnerable.

And What Happens When Liver Fails

In case you trash your liver, you will have poisonous elements in your blood, no macrophages to fight infections, no sugar regulation and hence hypoglycemia will occur, electrolyte disturbance and well, a whole lot of hell will break lose.

Your Contribution to Inviting Liver Diseases

Humans, you and I, can be fairly ignorant. Examples- you drink, not always in a healthy manner, either not knowing or not caring about the fact that alcohol kills about 2.5 million people annually. You eat just about anything at just about any time, even when your inner Akshay Kumar tells you to say no and rise above the temptation of a chocolate pastry or a gulab jamun.

You don’t watch your weight, sugar intake, salt intake, and medication intake with your age. You smoke with no regard for your body or the environment. You let your weight get out of hand and then you make your peace with it.

You do whatever the hell you want to do. Of course, then a doctor looks at your report, tells you that you might be developing a certain tough to pronounce, common in your age, heart disease. Then, you go on high alert.

That Is Like Liver Racism

You invite liver diseases. Diet ignorance, weight ignorance, drugs overuse or abuse- things like these are what make your liver call it a day and crash.

There never are any early symptoms of liver diseases. Hard to diagnose, you see. Alcoholic liver diseases or non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases or fibrosis or cirrhosis- there are many roads that can lead you to a liver failure situation.

The worse thing is that many people don’t even realize what hell they are causing to their lives. The lack of awareness is the problem here. 

So Save Your Liver

Because if you don’t try, you’ll die. Like seriously, you can’t survive without your liver for much longer. And I am talking hours here. With a good hospital, great timing, a matching and willing donor and incredible luck, maybe you can. But the thing with all these factors coming together is that the odds seldom look good.

If You try, You Can Save Yourself

Liver diseases can be prevented. The liver can take care of itself, you know. It can recover, can regenerate damaged parts. All it needs is for you stop and think about making some changes around. So do that. Stay healthy.

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