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Why Not Paying Enough Attention to Your Kidneys Can Be a Huge Mistake

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Like the guy in a mafia who ‘takes care’ of all loose ends, your kidneys take care of all the things that your blood doesn’t need any more. It filters your blood, almost 200 quarts every day, takes out the waste and excess water and sends them packing.


So yes, it is safe to assume that you will die in case of renal failure.

Can’t Like A Person Live With Just One Kidney?

You might have been thinking this since I told you how non-effective kidneys mean bye-bye life. Well, you are right. You can indeed survive on one kidney. What you can’t survive with is an insufficient amount of renal function.

Renal function = how efficiently your kidney is performing its duties. Two healthy kidneys equal to 100% renal function. One equals to 50%. And your body works just fine with 50%. But below 20% and you are in trouble. Below 10 to 15% and your only chance at survival is dialysis or transplantation.

Once the Damage Is Done, It Can’t Be Undone

Be it because of a disease or an injury, but once your kidneys start deteriorating, it is not a matter of if but when it will fall apart entirely. You can try decelerating the progression, but reversing it is out of the question.

However, it is possible to extend your life by taking certain precautions. The sooner you get an indication of any renal disease or disorder, the better. It will help you determine the exact amount of time you can buy by taking care of factors like your blood pressure, sugar levels, diet, medicine intake or the absence of it.

It Is Difficult to Spot the Issue at Times

Symptoms are not exactly your best friends while trying to determine if you have a kidney situation or not. The early signs are very general. You might feel tired, get headaches a little too frequently or feel itchy all over your body. Not exactly alarming, I know.

The major ones like too much or too less urination, swollen legs or feet, feeling of numbness, muscle cramps, dark skin, loss of concentration, feeling drowsy all the time- these appear only after the condition has enhanced and hence, worsened.

Taking Precautions Is Your Only Bet

That is when you don’t count dialysis and transplantation as your options.

Diabetes and blood pressure are the most common causes of renal failures. You need to take care of them, manage and monitor your numbers from the very moment you discover that your body has these ailments.

Painkillers and certain medications can cause kidneys trouble. So try consulting a doctor before self-medicating or before going for just any pain medicine.

In case you already have a kidney problem, make sure your diet stays on point. You wouldn’t want the damage to speed up. You have to ensure a balanced protein intake. You have to put a least on your cholesterol. You have to monitor the amount of sodium and potassium you consume.

Be Attentive, and You’ll Be Alright

Just because you have a sugar issue or blood pressure doesn’t put you in the ‘must die of renal failure’ category. All you need to do is ensure an improved living centered around measures to keep your kidney healthy, and you’ll be okay. You might even live long enough to blow that 100th candle.

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