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Your Six Stepped Stairway to Becoming an Energized Person

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Ours is the era of ‘five more minutes’ turning into an hour and ‘snooze that ungodly thing’. And yet, we all have that one friend/acquaintance who loves to greet the sunrise is always in the mood for after-work amusements, and is unbelievably good at activities that require a ton of energy.


If you are that person- Congratulate yourself. This article is about you. If you are not that person- Focus then. This article is for you.

A 2015 YouGov survey discovered that one in seven Americans wakes up with a fresh and well-rested outlook. The rest wake up exhausted, go through their day with the assistance of differently-sized coffee orders, and dream of a comfy couch almost all the time.

You may be happy to know that it’s not how life is supposed to be for you. Tiredness is a state of being that is entirely reversible if you promise to stay careful with a few simple lifestyle choices. Here are a few habits which are easier to incorporate into your daily life but go a long way in improving your energy levels.

It is quite a famous piece of knowledge that an average adult brain requires seven to eight hours of sleep every night. The National Sleep Foundation backs up this little fun fact. However, people seldom pay careful attention to the fact that the current lifestyle trends have pushed the need to sleep in a tiny corner, giving it anywhere from four to six non-continuous hours.

Don’t give up your sleep time. It’s precious to your health and well-being. It doesn’t matter how wrapped your schedule is or how much work you have pending for the next day, try not to sacrifice your sleep for anything. At the same time, oversleeping will leave you drowsy and exhausted.

Monitor your sleeping hours. Sleep well every night. Keep your devices away from you before going to bed. Keep your sleeping spot comfortable to your liking. Make sure you have everything ready to help you rest through the night if you wish to wake up in the morning and feel fresh and energised.

Forget the ‘breakfast like a king, dine like a pauper’ rule. Eating a big breakfast is just as unhealthy as skipping it altogether. You must eat well, not heavy.

Eating well is related to proper portions, balanced nutrients, and a levelled blood sugar. If you gobble up a big breakfast early in the morning, your body gets an initial energy spike which comes down in a few hours to cause an energy crash. It makes you feel tired and eat more food.

Steer clear of processed foods. Don’t skip meals. Limit your sugar intake amounts. Some healthy breakfast options include scrambled eggs, a green drink, some whole grains, good carbs, starchy fruits and vegetables, a bit of protein, and fat filled items, etc.

Research from the University of Florida revealed that about 75% of American population is dehydrated. And yet, a good majority of the dehydrated ones don’t have an inkling of the water-level situation going on in their bodies.

Dehydration causes weakness, fatigue, headaches, and a few other symptoms that you can easily mistake for hunger. You may try to cure the uneasiness with food and end up further dehydrated. Since the human body is 60% water, lowering water levels can make you sluggish, slow, dizzy, tired, or irritable.

Drinking somewhere around eight glasses of water a day keeps you adequately hydrated. Milk, tea, juice, moderated amount of coffee, fluid-rich foods like broths, celery, tomatoes, oranges, etc. can help you stay hydrated and thus alert and energetic.

Workout in early morning hours is great for the body’s energy quotient. It leaves you more focused, boosts your metabolic rates, and helps you burn more calories throughout the day. You exit the gym in a better mood and with lots of energy.

However, we can’t overlook the fact that you may not be someone who works out in the morning. You may not have the time or the resolve to head to the gym first thing in the morning. Either way, if you can’t get any exercise in the early hours of the day, jump-starting your mind and treating your brain to a creative workout is another way to keep you alert and energised all day.

Right after you wake up, you can take some time and carry out an activity that requires your brain to focus. Some people play the piano. Some do a crossword puzzle. Knitting, singing, dancing, scrapbooking, playing an instrument- these are a few examples of mind workouts.

Choose an activity that you enjoy and that occupies your brain. Playing an instrument, for instance, is a scientifically proven method to engage your visual and auditory sense and motor cortices.

Tony Schwartz co-conducted a study with Jim Loehr to understand the difference between the best athletes versus the remaining lot. Their book “The Power of Full Engagement” mentions how they found that the best athletes always used the breaks to rest their psyches.

You can spend the few crucial minutes you get between a day’s work to go to your mind palace. Relax a bit. Sit down. Drink some water. Think about something easily conjurable and pleasant.

Does your job give you anxiety? I ask this as many professions (Doctors, media managers, receptionists, bartenders, event organisers, freelancers, etc.) require you to be in a working mode most of the time. Even if your work is strictly 9-5, you could be an introvert trapped in a social position, or you may have too many inefficient subordinated to tackle.

If your work life is making you anxious, deal with it. Make a small effort every day to improve the situation. If social contact worries you, improve your communication skills. If your team is inefficient, become a better manager. When the anxiety vanishes, your work will leave you content and energised as opposed to drained and exhausted.

The Bottom Line- Stay Consistent in Your Efforts

Put your phone away. Sleep well. Work out a bit. Eat a right diet. And keep doing these things at a regular pace. You’ll notice the difference in your demeanour soon enough.


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