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  • Liposuction
  • Six Pack Abs
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Full Body Lift
  • Hand & Feet Rejuvenation
  • Hour Glass Shape
  • Meso & PRP Body
  • Thigh Gap
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation

Our Doctors

Dr.Pawan Gupta

Associate Director - Medical Oncology

Dr. Gupta is adept in performing a wide range of ONCO- Surgical procedures for all types of solid tumors. He has done more than 7,000 Cancer Surgeries with an experience of 18 years. He has done fellowship from Royal College of surgeons, Glasgow UK. Dr. Gupta has keen interest in research and publication and has published more than 30 people in various national and international journals.

Dr.Sumit Goyal

Executive Consultant- Medical Oncology

Dr. Goyal has a vast experience of more than a decade in managing advanced and complicated cancers. He has a special interest in biological therapy including targeted agents for hematologic cancer and solid organ malignancies. He has a keen interest in research and publications and has been actively involved in clinical research and trials.

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What is Liposuction?

The concept of liposuction is surprisingly simple. Liposuction is a surgical technique that improves the body's contour by removing excess fat deposits located between the skin and muscle

What is Tumescent Liposuction?

Tumescent liposuction designates a form of liposuction that uses tumescent local anesthesia. The tumescent technique for liposuction totally by local anesthesia has eliminated the greatest dangers associated with the older forms of liposuction.

What are Elastic Compression Garments?

Elastic compression garments (specially designed girdles) were intended 1) to reduce bleeding immediately after surgery and 2) to reduce swelling the time that the body is healing. Tumescent liposuction has eliminated surgical bleeding. Most surgeons require that patients wear an elastic compression garment for a certain length of time after liposuction.

What is the Cost of Liposuction?

The fee for liposuction usually depends on how many areas are treated by liposuction. When only one area is treated by liposuction the fee is less than when multiple areas are treated.

Am I A Good Candidate for Liposuction Surgery?

A good candidate for liposuction is defined as any person who has realistic expectations, is in good health and is likely to be happy with the results of liposuction. Although liposuction can often provide very substantial improvements, it is rare for liposuction results to be absolutely perfect.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic procedure that can treat a flat or sagging backside with minimal downtime. Butt lifts provide instant fullness and volume to the buttocks using excess fat in the thighs, abdomen and/or hips through liposuction. The Brazilian Butt Lift contours flat buttocks, re-shapes the buttocks, and creates projection, if desired. The end results give an overall uplifted look to the entire backside that looks attractive and natural compared with gluteal, aka buttock implants.

Who is a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

More information is available on our page: Who is a Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift? The Brazilian Butt Lift is a great choice for anyone looking to lift or enhance the contours of their backside. Those who are looking to boost their self-confidence and feel proud in (and out of) their clothes can benefit from a Brazilian Butt Lift , which can improve balance proportions in any body type.As with any surgical procedure, it is important for women interested in a butt lift to have realistic expectations, be at a healthy and comfortable weight and be in good health overall. Those in the range of their ideal weight will see the best results and maintaining a steady weight after a body contouring procedures.

How much does a Brazilian Butt Lift cost?

The price for the Brazilian Butt Lift ranges depending on how much work is required and how much liposculpting will be done. There are payment plans available to accommodate different budgets. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

What Is the difference between a Brazilian Butt Lift and Butt Implants?

Butt Lifts use a patient’s own body fat to create their desired shape. A more natural look and feel is much easier to achieve using a patient’s own fat rather than implants. A Brazilian Butt Lift also may have a lowered risk of infection since the patient’s own body tissue is used for the procedure, allowing a quicker recovery time.

How does it take to recover from a Brazilian butt lift?

The recovery time for the Brazilian Butt Lift ranges in time on a patient by patient basis, but many happy clients have returned to their desk jobs within a week’s time. In some cases, this recovery time can last longer, but butt lift patients can expect to return to moderate activity within 3 to 4 weeks.

What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty (also known as a tummy tuck or TT) is surgery to remove the excess skin and fat on the abdomen that may accumulate after pregnancy, obesity, or age. In a full abdominoplasty, abdominal muscles that may have become stretched out or lax over time are tightened. An abdominoplasty is not a simple procedure and you must be aware of the risks and postoperative care and recovery time that will be needed.

At what age is abdominoplasty usually performed?

There is no "normal" age or time in one's life to have an abdominoplasty, but it is most often done after a woman has given birth and does not plan to have more children, or after someone has lost all the weight he or she intends to lose.

What does a typical abdominoplasty consultation entail?

An abdominoplasty consultation involves talking with the surgeon and telling him or her what you want to achieve through tummy tuck surgery. The surgeon will also examine you. You can show photos of yourself when you had a flatter abdomen and the two of you can discuss what is and isn't possible with an abdominoplasty. You also have a chance to look at before-and-after photos of other tummy tuck patients of that plastic surgeon.

I am interested in having the procedure, can you explain more about it.

Because we offer numerous services it is hard to respond to a general question such as this. We have made every attempt to have a comprehensive, descriptive site with visual aids to assist you in identifying and determining your concerns and interest.

What types of anesthesia are available?

You can be provided with your choice of anesthesia by our board certified anesthesiologist. (local, nerve block, epidural, spinal, IV sedation, general). Some types of anesthesia are procedure dependent.

How much does Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery cost?

Fees are all inclusive of the surgical center, anesthesiologist, surgical assistant, surgeon, and follow-up. The fees depend on the type of the procedure and the extent. A fee range can be provided once we know your particular needs, goals and desires.

Are there any contraindications to the six-pack abs surgery?

There are specific contraindications to the six-pack abdominal surgery. If you have an abdominal hernia, you should have the hernia repaired first. If you have a Lap-band, it is unwise to perform the six-pack abs surgery.
If you have excess abdominal skin, this is not a contraindication to six-pack abdominal surgery. However, you may get a better result by first having an abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck. After you have healed from your tummy tuck, then at a later date, you can have your six-pack surgery.
There are other general contraindications to surgery including a history of heart attacks, blood clots, or any other significant medical condition. If you smoke, you must stop smoking two months before surgery. Before any surgery is scheduled, you will receive a thorough work up and evaluation by Dr. Katzen.

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